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Arts-and-Entertainment This building is obviously based on St. Peter Church built by Bramante. On the alcove of both sides, the goddess of intelligence Athena (on the right) and goddess of music Apollo (on the left) are standing respectively. Central layers of arches are directly directing the distant horizon. This is one of the most sacred environment where scholars are symmetrically, naturally and rhythmically configured on both sides. The upper level characters are in a row and the center is the two great scholars Plato and Aristotle who seems to make fierce debate whiling walking to the audience. Aristotle stretches out his right hand with his palm down as if to say the real world is his research topic; Plato upwards the fingers of his right hand to show that all are from the divine inspiration. These two opposite gestures show their principle differences in their ideology. The rest of the people, some just watch, some are listening to two old men’s talk, being naturally formed several groups. Now the upper step characters: upper left of Plato, a bearded old man is immersed in thought, Socrates just turns to others on ethics argument, and from left to right the fifth is a young soldier, named Alcibiades. Behind him, a person is greeting two young people. On the upper right side besides Aristotle, two young men are leaning on the niches of the wall, one is writing and another is thinking. Another black man is standing alone. The movement of these 3 people is opposite to the left group. Under the steps, on the left the mathematician Pythagoras who is focused on writing is the center. And a youth holds a board besides him, writing harmonious number proportion. Behind him, an old man is recording the number of arguments of Pythagorean. And the behind scholar who is necking out and wearing white towel is Aweiluoyi Muslim scholar. In the near distance, a man wearing the crown with his chest on the plinth is the grammar master Epicurus. The scholar standing in front of Pythagoras and pointing out the sentences in the book is the rhetorician St. Nuke Lutes. In the middle of them, there is also a blond youth wearing a white cloak with handsome figure and solemn expression and staring at the audience, who is thought to be Francesco Diller Loafer and grand duke of Verbena. In the right side of the lower steps, the central figure is geometry Euclid who is bending over his body and holding the .pass to calculate on the blackboard (that is Archimedes), who is surrounded by four of his students. The four men seem to have different understanding of their teacher’s explanation. Beside, the man wearing ancient yellow robe, and a crow and holding astronomical instrument is an Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy. On the opposite of Ptolemy, is the fellow of painter Raphael and architect Bramante (the old man with a beard). And the man on the edge wearing white hat is the painter Sodoma. The youth with half-naked head and dark circular bonnet is the artist Raphael himself. Putting the painter himself into the historical theme is what the painter likes for performance, but Raphael leaves his space too narrow. On the steps of the center, a lonely cynic philosopher Diogenes is lying. In addition to the natural needs, this scholar thinks any other things including the social and cultural life are of little importance. So he only wears tattered clothing, and lives in a wooden box. This character plays a .plementary role in the .position. It associates with two characters walking towards the steps and echoes with the scholar Heraclitus who is leaning before the stone table and thinking in the lower left corner. The image of Heraclitus is very lonely. Although Raphael has some conflicts with Michelangelo in personality, he still respects Michelangelo’s paintings and takes them as the model sample. Plato’s Avatar takes the head portrait of da Vinci as the model. The color processing is also very coordinated. The building background is full of yellow marble structure, intertwined with red, white, yellow and purple in characters clothes. The level of perspective is very high, which not only enhances the profound sense of the space, but also makes the pictures of the ground and geometric structures of dome enough to be calculated by mathematics. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: