Are Brand Name Electronics Gadgets Makers Getting Greedy-pigeon blood

Apple has always charged a premium for the variety of electronics gadgets it has churned out over the years. The iPod and iPad have changed the consumer landscape with their innovation and timeliness. And here comes along the iPad Mini. It is an electronic gadget that, frankly, goes against everything Apple used to stand for. It is a stripped-down tablet computer that is weak, slow and just plain boring when compared to its contemporaries. The worst part is that it costs around significantly more than its peers with a profit margin twice that of other brands of electronics gadgets. IHS iSuppli Analysts have pegged the Mini is production costs at $188 per unit. Its average selling price of $329 means that Apple earns a whopping 43% profit margin on each iPad Mini sold. To put that into perspective, the rival Nexus 7 tablet is priced at just $200 and costs $151.75 to manufacture. That leaves a profit margin of just 24% for each tablet while cutting down the price tag by $129 compared to the Mini. The huge profit margin Apple puts on the Mini can no longer be justified by providing a premium on services. The inferior display resolution and a significantly slower processor speed are not premium features justifiable by a $329 price tag. To cut a long story short, Apple is more concerned now about profits than maximizing user experience. This is a very dangerous sign from a company that built consumer trust based on quality experiences with their tech gadgets. Legions of devoted Apple fans rely on the brand to deliver only the best and they are willing to pay top dollar to do that. The iPad Mini is a miserable failure on Apple is part as it panders more to its stockholders than the consumer putting down good money for its devices. When you look at this whole thing, though, you start to realize that you simply cant trust a brand by its name. Steve Jobs tried so hard to establish a solid reputation for Apple. He developed the brand into a name that consumers can trust, but his successors arent so keen to follow that mantra anymore. This leaves consumers doubting Apple is intent to provide premium services. Consumers now look beyond the smoke and mirrors and start looking into the actual performance of the electronics gadgets they want to buy. Cool new gadgets are no longer determined by the brand name they possess but by the electronics under the hood, so to speak. Consumers are no longer mindless sheep that know little about tablet PCs. They are jaded veterans of the tablet wars, and they are more conscious of processor speeds, of screen resolutions, of wireless features, of storage space. In short, they are no longer blinded by the hype that comes with a brand name. Even if you prefer to stick with branded electronics gadgets, you cant deny that major brands like Apple are getting out of touch with their customers. People want more for less, and it no longer pays to exploit the living hell out of consumers. This is why a lot of unbranded or lesser-known brands are creeping up in the consumer market. Electronic gizmos with lower prices but better specs are pouring in to meet consumer demand. New gadgets from wholesalers come out on a regular basis, and increasing quality standards mean that these lesser-known brands are providing what major brands are failing to deliver. After all, even the most avid fan will lose his or her support once the competition comes up with better, faster, cheaper and more reliable electronics gadgets. About the Author: If you are tired of being overcharged by major brands for sub-par electronics gadgets , then you will find Chinavasion to be a very attractive option. A wide array of gadgets and gizmos are sold at wholesale prices, even if you decide to buy just one item. After all, it is motto of China prices, Western quality is not possible without that protection. Visit to learn more. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – .puters-and-Technology 相关的主题文章: