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Adams KD is not in I can throw three points all listen to coach arrangement (video)-havd707

Adams: KD is not where I can vote three points to listen to the coach who said he was just a blue collar inside? Adams propped up inside a thunder day Tencent sports news August 25th Oklahoma City may be a lot of fans has not yet come out from the pain of Durant’s departure, but Durant’s former teammates have gradually adapted to life without him, the thunder team center Steven Adams said in an interview, Durant is not, he can take a part of the investment three the task, but everything to the coach for. Adams said KD is not in his three minute New Zealand center Adams is about to usher in his own season, for the upcoming new season, Adams is full of expectations of the future of the season, the new season, the new season, the upcoming season, the full of expectations for the new season, the fourth. In an interview with the U.S. media, Adams said he would like to expand his offensive next season, but all to listen to the coach’s deployment. "It’s not for me to decide, it’s not for me to do it." Said Adams, who lives in the New Zealand training camp. "It’s the job of the coach to put everyone in the right place, not just for the individual, but also for the whole team," he said. So I’m still waiting for the coach I may be responsible for the issue orders left and right, put some three points." Adams said. As a center, Adams is not good at three points. In his NBA career, Adams has only scored two points in three minutes, no hit. However, Adams in his own range of expertise, or to maintain a high shooting percentage. In the playoffs last season, Adams hit 61.3%. Although in the offseason, Adams also did not idle, he is New Zealand actively preparing for the new season. In order to better run in the team, Adams also invited his thunder teammates and coaches. Teammate Nick – Collison, Andre – and coach team, together with the New Zealand to participate in training in. From the thunder team official twitter issued a photograph of a pedestrian, the mood is very good, Durant is not affected by the team. (Anna) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

The turnover of new homes rose 3 into the Beijing property market Sang Ying Kim Gu-govos

The turnover of new homes rose 3 into the Beijing property market has sang Ying "Kim Gu" (real estate Tencent Liu Ying from Beijing) Beijing Municipal Construction Committee statistics, last week (9.12-9.18) Beijing new commodity housing (excluding low-income housing) a total turnover of 3930 sets, rose 28%, rose 4.8%. Transaction price of 34296 yuan per square meter, rose by 11.72%, up by 14.25%. Transaction area, last week, a total turnover of 323 thousand and 800 square meters of new commercial housing in Beijing, with the chain were down, the chain fell by 8.78%, down from the same period of 1.88%. Just need to flow to the outer ring of six Kim Gu second weeks, South Fangshan continued to heat. Last week (9.12-9.9.18) Fangshan new house turnover of 426 units, the average transaction price of 23151 yuan per square meter, up by 4.95%; Pinggu District, with a total of 380 sets of transactions ranked in the region of second, the average transaction price of 16676 yuan. It is noteworthy that, although the Fengtai region only 184 sets of transactions only a week, but the total transaction price of up to $961 million, the average transaction price of 64349 yuan per square meter, the price is the most expensive TOP10. Last week (9.12-9.18) Beijing new deal in TOP10, a commercial and residential projects last week reduced, but still occupy half of the country, 5 residential, 3 residential, 2 from the housing, with low price and commercial housing since the product is still just need to buy the main. The largest volume for the District of Pinggu new world Royal Mafang project, a single week turnover of 246 sets, the average transaction price of 16475 yuan square meters, the property market in Pinggu A new force suddenly rises. depression. From the new contract, regional distribution of TOP10 project, located in the outer ring of six Pinggu, Miyun began to appear in the hot list, Fangshan, Mentougou, has repeatedly won the hot list, with Beijing city residential property market of growing, just need to spill the obvious trend of. Luxury three city of Victoria last week, Beijing unit price of more than 70 thousand of the mansion, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, the Fengtai District, the 2, the 2, the of the 1. Pan Hai International (real estate information) (Pan Hai International Residential Area) is still doing well, single week turnover of 207 million yuan, signed a total of 6 units, the highest turnover list. The second is the original Fengtai District Longhu Xi Chen (real estate information) project, a single week turnover of 161 million yuan, signed 6 sets, the average transaction price of 89052 yuan square meters, a total turnover of second in the list. In addition, willow college transaction price 166586 yuan square meters, still won the most expensive mansion. Last week, more than 70 thousand of the price of Beijing and has a record of luxury items totaling a total of 21, of which, the project is located within the fourth ring of the city, the project is located in the four, between the rings, the project is located in between the five or six rings of the 6, the project is located in the city of Victoria, between the 4 rings. Preference for luxury city. Last week, only the Daxing District has a new house supply, a total of 25 sets. As of yesterday (September 18th), Beijing, a total of 96228 pure new commodity housing stock, the total area of 12 million 102 thousand and 900 square meters, inventory continued to decline.相关的主题文章: