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Autumn skin care tips moisturizing skin exposed to ultraviolet light is the focus of the summer, the autumn will feel the skin dull, dull; as the temperature drops, the amount of sebum and skin moisture content declined sharply; the weather turns cool, human The new supersedes the old. is also reduced, the pores closed, excretion of sebaceous glands reduce. At the same time, the oil on the surface of the skin is also reduced. Can easily lead to dry or sensitive skin. Autumn skin care do not understand the MM, look at the autumn skin care tips. The number should be properly exfoliating by UV damage skin, aging skin caused by the accumulation of the dull skin, exfoliating now officially on the agenda, remove the aging cutin, texture disorder of epidermal melanin metabolism also fell, acne slow accumulation rate, that is equal to solve half of summer. But don’t go too much because in a hurry and horny, otherwise it will stimulate inflammation. As long as 1-2 times a week (oily skin can be a number of exfoliating, dry skin, a week or so a week or so), and gradually into the winter after the accumulation of horny slower, reduced to once a week is enough. The most important time to apply sunscreen sunscreen than what kind of sunscreen, the autumn sun should pay more attention to smear time. Due to the decrease in daylight time, sunscreen can also be delayed. Before you can go out with the anti UV index cream support over the distance to go to school, arrived in the company after the smear sunscreen, if you wear makeup, with a sponge dipped in sunscreen can press. When the lunch break to go out to eat, you need to apply sunscreen once, until after work do not worry about it. Refreshing, moisturizing and whitening three early autumn dry climate, large temperature difference between day and night are at the same time, make the skin not in the state, it is easy to melanin to take advantage of the need to keep the skin fresh and firmly lock the moisture and whitening ingredients make-up water can brighten skin, so the skin in the morning must choose to have three functions for the skin skin water base. Night care might use some cream cream in the summer is really uncomfortable, but it is not the same, painted not feel particularly uncomfortable, but also very moist. And the cream texture and strong lipophilicity, supplement of phospholipid in the horny layer, make muscle table Yingrun full. So, no matter how many road maintenance procedures, don’t forget to use the cream storage of water and nutrients, to retain nutrition for the skin in the autumn. Remember to treat the neck Oh beauty of the MM are often too much about the face of youth beautiful, but easy to ignore their neck maintenance. Especially in the dry autumn, the skin of the neck is easy to aging, rough without light, loose and wrinkled. Bath every night, with a mild alkaline soap to wash the neck, dry with a soft towel, and then massage. First a small amount of olive oil or emulsion coated on the skin of the neck, with finger tips gently from the top down room massage, uniform force, every 5 minutes.相关的主题文章: