Autumn suburban travel good helper about 7 SUV

Autumn outings good helper around 300 thousand 7 SUV recommended [Pacific Automotive Network (micro-blog) shopping channel] October, November is the traditional autumn travel season, the rapid development of the domestic road network, people will choose the self driving travel is preferred. So what kind of car travel will be better? There is no doubt that SUV is the first choice, especially in large space 7 SUV, choose this kind of SUV there are several reasons: one in the domestic road, through the good car will have an advantage, and the space inside the car to meet travel demand, finally is the joint venture or imported models of the overall quality and reputation are convincing, go out driving is a map. The recommendation of the four models, the price mainly are concentrated in about 300 thousand of the price range, which belongs to the joint venture or imported identity, brand reputation is quite good, the car was 7 seat layout, they are Ford, KIA, sharp Sorento L dodge Avenger and Feng Tianhan landa. Changan – Ford edge (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) official guidance price: 24.98-44.98 yuan discount rate: about 2000 yuan cash discount made a new generation of sharp boundary strong strikes, or with a 7 seat set, product and price are, and the sales performance has been good, any market is very high. Manufacturers also take advantage of this momentum introduced to change the sharp edge. The new car is mainly aimed at upgrading the configuration, the product line will become rich. Recommended reason: two – a new American style appearance show domineering sharp boundary lines become more tough, and show a more powerful force. In addition, in order to meet the tastes of discerning consumers, sharp circles also provide a more personalized version of the exercise, in which I vaguely felt the shadow of F150. Recommended reason: two – car Er strong sense of configuration of rich new Fu (ginseng, Terios pictures, inquiry) industry has made great progress in interior design, in the sense of luxury and the material is also seen under a lot of effort, for example in the dashboard, console and door upper area are used in Fairfield Spain imported leather wrapped, and the delicate suture treatment, either visual or tactile texture are quite. In addition to the new sharp community for the first time equipped with Ford’s SYNC 3 car connectivity system, long-distance travel, car multimedia entertainment must be complete, and at the same time, mobile phone navigation can recommend three reasons: engine chassis output strong enough toughness cutting-edge field 2.0T and 2.7T two turbocharged engine is optional, it is worth mentioning that the turbine 2.7L V type 6 cylinder, its maximum power is 242kW 5500rpm, the maximum torque reached 475Nm 2500-4500rpm, performance is better than Audi Q7 (ginseng, pictures, 3.0T, inquiry) but the focus is not picky, you can drink 92 gasoline, for out of driving, the oil quality is not good at this time. Can "eat whole grains" advantage will play out. The former Mcpherson and after the multi link suspension system configuration not only keep the car to the sharp boundary and comfortable, but also has the pleasure of driving. Recommendation four: excellent performance in the interior of the car as this article相关的主题文章: