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Baby Luhan also traced to childhood as it was so fashionable these love lead: Recently, Angelababy and Luhan has been exposed many childhood photos, these "from Kenny to" love is really envy. These young stars bursting Yan value, not only from the United States, also grew very wear oh. (Editor: Gon Freecss @ off meat) deer Luhan love wearing camouflage camouflage recently, Luhan’s childhood photos were exposed, let netizens again understand some love really is "from big to small handsome". The deer as in childhood not only values Yan burst table, or a little camouflage control. It is no wonder that Luhan’s concert to camouflage other love. The white shirt of small gods Luhan wearing a white shirt is "smile childhood male god Luhan age began collocation to wear white shirts and sleeveless sweater. This is the most basic metrosexual man to wear. Now Luhan wearing white shirt is handsome out. Angelababy Angelababy wore sweater skirt collocation sweater wearing white skirt collocation many users of Angelababy "natural beauty" status has been in doubt, so baby’s childhood photos has been the focus of attention of netizens. Recently, Angelababy has been exposed to multiple childhood photos, photos of the baby wearing a red sweater white skirt collocation in the amusement park face sweet smile. But the recent appearance of the pregnant mother baby, chose the same collocation, collocation sweater and white skirt, it seems, really is the classic fashion collocation. The childhood baby wear braces pants Angelababy wear suspenders Angelababy’s childhood photos and pants collocation turtleneck style, not nearly two years before the explosion of a turtleneck sweater and pants, early childhood has been wearing baby. Angelababy is wearing white skirt wearing baby white skirt at the age of 2, baby is a loyal supporter of the white skirt, and grew up to the many times she wear all kinds of white skirt, sling, collar, tube dress and so on, all are wearing Angelababy. Hu Ge Hu Ge was also a childhood chubby shorts "from the Hu Ge model to Xiaoshuai", and Hu Ge male god. Uncle Hu as saying little but when a little fat, a round belly little Hu Ge, preference for shorts collocation. And some time ago in the airport, Hu Ge, wearing such a Bermuda shorts with handsome debut. Hu Ge childhood wear striped Hu Ge wearing a striped shirt handsome male god is still a fringe control. The recent exposure of Hu Ge’s childhood photos, he was wearing a striped shirt, a young age actually also with the pockets, presumably since childhood is the trend of the people of Hu Ge. Fan Bingbing primary school as Fan Bingbing’s pink skirt recently, Fan Ye, a primary school old photos were exposed, Fan Bingbing wearing a dress pink and tender photos. With Fan Bingbing getting the love, easy zhuangshan. Fan Bingbing Fan Bingbing childhood photos in a red dress that has always been domineering personality of Fan Bingbing, was the eye-catching red single product preference. Childhood fan ice.相关的主题文章: