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"Beautiful" Weiyang Vanness Wu embarrassed eyebrow hot high drama "Adorable contrast" – Sohu Vanness Wu entertainment Tuoba Yu Vanness Wu stills Sohu entertainment news "beautiful costumes giant Weiyang" are hot broadcast, the show has been quickly detonated opera boom, the ratings climbing, sowing open less than six days, the amount of play more than 2 billion mark, double harvest good reputation is strong ratings. In many hot topics, Vanness Wu played a number of Tuoba Yu because of anti reverse "embarrassed" eyebrow eyebrow sparked intense discussion on the network. "Beautiful Weiyang" as Vanness Wu Tuoba Yu Ayutthaya deep, as the biggest "villain", as a gentle smile behind the counter and modest words but that conspiracy and murder. Vanness Wu in the interpretation of deep eyes, a smile can be said to Tuoba shiver all over though not cold, Yu Yin malicious sinister interpretation of the penetrating, first appeared in the costume of the villain and he won the praise of many viewers are also constantly hot, especially the launch date of Vanness Wu’s towering pick eyebrow sparked heated discussions friends, the audience was vividly called "embarrassed" eyebrow. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the Vanness Wu inverted "embarrassed" eyebrow is very eye-catching, Xiwai he smoke powder in countless, broadcast footage of Vanness Wu in a shooting break dancing posture from time to time is very funny, contrast and drama in the haggard image, Xiwai "contrast is adorable" show in the audience love.相关的主题文章: