Beijing Chinese and foreign citizens with non-governmental exchanges celebrate the 60 anniversary of govos

Chinese and foreign citizens to celebrate the folk exchange Shanghai city Youxie – the 60 anniversary of the establishment of China News Agency in Shanghai on 12 September, Xinhua (reporter Xu Jing) "Jiazi concentric, bright 60 years — Shanghai Municipal People’s Association for friendship with foreign countries, the 60 anniversary of the establishment of Chinese and foreign public exchange activities" 12 days in Shanghai curtain, Shanghai Foreign Friendship Association 60 anniversary the online synchronous opening celebration. The same day, San Marino archers and Dance Federation flag line 51 and the former consuls jointly visited San Marino Terenzi exchange activities. San Marino delegation for the audience to send the Old Republic authentic flag dance performances, visit San Marino delegation members of Shanghai’s oldest 73 years old, the youngest 14 years old, almost covering from 40 to 00 after the all ages. For the first time since 1988 to the head of state identity after the visit to China and China Terenzi forged deep love, in his words, "Chinese is my second motherland". That year, he founded the San Marino China Friendship Association, and served as chairman since. Shanghai city Youxie Terenzi to congratulate the 60 anniversary of the establishment, and said that Shanghai city Youxie different countries together to promote mutual cultural and artistic exchanges, in order to strengthen the understanding and friendship between people and people, peace between nations, made outstanding contributions. In an interview with News Agency reporters, said he had been "Terenzi traveled around China, very fond of China aspects, such as calligraphy, painting, China building and so on, his office was hung with many Chinese calligraphy and paintings, but only" work too busy, I don’t have time to learn calligraphy Chinese and painting". Talk about the economy, Terenzi believes that we should strengthen the economic and trade between the two countries and financial cooperation, the cooperation between the two sides of the advantage of their long culture, and good cooperation of the government level, he is confident of the future development of bilateral economic and trade. Vice president of the CPAFFC Song Jingwu at the event said, folk diplomacy as an important part of a country’s overall diplomacy, in the promotion of friendly relations and cooperation between countries, is playing an increasingly important role in public opinion based solid state relations. Shanghai, as an important stage of China’s folk diplomacy, has participated in and witnessed a series of historical events in which the relationship between China and the rest of the world has been growing and flourishing. "Shanghai city Youxie play folk diplomatic advantage, relying on the unique resources of Shanghai, established a deep friendship with many of the world countries and foreign friendly organizations, provides an important basis for the people of the country’s overall diplomatic situation, but also through exchanges and cooperation in various fields widely, and plays an important role in the national economic and social development in Shanghai". Shanghai city Youxie Shanghai to carry out the city’s foreign exchanges of people’s organizations. 60 years, Shanghai city Youxie has received from more than and 100 countries, nearly 120 thousand people in the international friends, has been with the world’s 100 countries and 345 non-governmental organizations established contacts, effectively promote the economic and trade in services, education, culture and sports science and technology cooperation in the areas of Shanghai and around the world. (end)相关的主题文章: