Beijing Tianjin Wuqing collaborative Bi era curtain will start in September 2nd the city of Wuqing B-mia farrow

After the Wuqing Tianjin collaborative Bi era curtain will start in September 2nd 2016 in Wuqing City Bi Kan, ring Beijing property market trend where? Beijing property market increasingly fierce competition, where is the value of depression? With the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and the implementation of the policy, the era of Beijing, Tianjin, focusing on where? Why did Wuqing become the darling of this era? How popular in Wuqing? Do we still have a chance to face Wuqing? What is the next era of Wuqing? Who will be the leader of the times? In the face of this series of questions, who will submit a satisfactory answer to this era? Who is Wuqing in Wuqing? In the transaction data released in Tianjin city land resources and Housing Authority, the daily trading volume of Wuqing Pobai, most early is no longer news. According to statistics, in the first half of 2016, a total turnover of 21443 sets of new homes in Wuqing, an increase of nearly 2 times, an average of about a day to sell a set of 117, the dominant position can not shake. Wuqing hot plate Yang village, Zhu Village, Si Village shop and Daliang town area of real estate have different degrees of jump, or up to 4500 yuan square meters. The price of the property market, the day has become the mainstream of the Wuqing property market. Wuqing, July 2014 – July 2016 market analysis, data source: first according to the statistical data from first win, Wuqing in July 3184 sets of transactions, the transaction area of 390 thousand square meters, far ahead of other areas of Tianjin City, accounting for 21% of Tianjin City, ranked first in Tianjin city. Wuqing has now reached the point where a room is hard to find, what reason stimulating the Wuqing speed of turnover and increase? Wuqing is experiencing how gorgeous turn? In Beijing, Tianjin and coordinated development as a major national strategy, Beijing, Tianjin and the city’s functional layout is undergoing adjustment, urban resources to extend to the surrounding area. As everyone knows, known as the "Pearl of the Beijing Tianjin corridor" reputation of Wuqing, occupy the development advantages of Beijing and Tianjin two city, the construction of road network connectivity nine vertical and nine horizontal of Beijing and Tianjin, Beijing holds an important position and dual central Tianjin Bohai circle, is the point of intersection of Beijing Tianjin Hebei three provinces, an important core area and the bridgehead "Beijing Hebei integration" strategy, is an important node of the Keihin comprehensive development axis. According to reliable sources, the university city will be built in Wuqing Phoenix Metro area, jointly established by the Peking University, Nankai University, Tsinghua University, Hebei University of Economics and Business and Capital University of Economics and Business, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development joint innovation center to create. In addition, Beijing, Tianjin pension pilot Wuqing has also been identified. The implementation of "Beijing Tianjin Hebei nursing cooperation in the joint development agreement" to speed up the Wuqing District civil affairs departments selected in the area of Hexi Wu town of the Ministry of Civil Affairs pension demonstration base, pilot institutions as the admission of Beijing to Tianjin elderly pension. Behind the favorable policies, the government actually cast in Wuqing what heavy note? Why would the country choose Wuqing? September 2nd, Wuqing into the Bi era Beijing, Tianjin and Wuqing collaborative portal area, Beijing, Tianjin and accelerator, is the driving force of the inter era. Biguiyuan forward-looking tentacles explore this piece of native soil, hoping to win life living the dream. In the era of collaborative change, in the face of the integration of the production of the city to move more, Biguiyuan VS Wuqing, what kind of sparks will collide? Country garden is a new urbanization process in china.相关的主题文章: