Beyond these three personality mountains, in the ordinary to become their hero candy boy

Beyond these three personality mountains, in the ordinary to become their own heroes concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This paper comes from WeChat, "very public psychology" "hero", the author | Pang ran a sentence, "hero" is about the story of Jing Ke qin. This is Zhang Yimou’s first transformation of martial arts movies, film directed by him when he was just 51 years old, just know the fate of the age, the age for a director is young and distant eyes and sharp reason emanating from the camera, murderous. Jing Ke Qin is a pretty old story, "The wind blows strongly. the Yi River is so cold, a warrior to Xi gone", this is the Warring States Chu "in the description, but Zhang Yimou is bold to reconstruct the story, so the beginning no small controversy, many people in China hold a negative attitude, feel the magnificent scenes of content not enough, in the West have a piece of praise, was praised as" endless poetry "and" pure imagination". The United States "New York Times" reported this movie with a full two pages, called "hero" of the movie classic like Chinese’s "dream of Red Mansions", also the Oscar’s uncrowned king." The selection of the United States in 2005 "time" magazine’s "2004 top ten best movie", "hero" is ranked first, the achievements of the Chinese film for the first time to ask the myth of top list. Be your own hero – "hero" poster to the evaluation of the outside world aside, only to say to Zhang Yimou personally, this movie is undoubtedly of great significance, this is a successful transformation caused a great disturbance, is 51 year old Zhang Yimou a report on inner growth summary, he has been able to calm themselves to humanity aesthetic meanders. The name "ring" is Taoist flavor, not very road, road to Jane, nameless. So the original name is a dumb dumb. A person to start a dialogue with the king in the hall, the difficulty is big, the last set was forced to give up, so the "unknown" talk. This "nameless". The ring is able to enter the temple and worship the king of Qin Qin dialogue, completely own rules given by. The Qin unified the world on a well disciplined, united world, the single currency, the support of reform. The king himself also abide by the rules, even if they are in danger, as long as the legal discipline, also can come into the palace. Ring –   unknown stereotypes kill the king of Qin in the movie character in the movie is actually a basic set. No matter is the assassin, or ring, or snow, the sky, the stereotype inside the character are the same, they are loyal to the heart, can die for a reason. A scholar prefers death to humiliation., punishment is not the doctor, Wen Chao Xi can die. Take the "hero" in the east culture, it is bound to make the taste, otherwise you will fall into the Hong Kong art film satire. Oriental rationality must be fair, shaved too down to Earth humanity, keep perfect tolerance, this stereotype represents purity of mind. From a psychological point of view, this "pure" points相关的主题文章: