Blue thin letinous edodes, the owner of public and private photos according to the end of the marria candle june

"Blue thin letinous edodes" master private exposure – Sohu said the end of the marriage news in October 20, 2016, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Nanning City, a young man from the video webcast, said "blue thin letinous edodes" 4 words, unexpected popularity. (image: Vision China) his name is Wei Yong, Guangxi, Nanning, an ordinary 90. Over the past 20 years, has been living in obscurity, is currently an electric car store in Nanning an ordinary staff. However, recently, due to a video widely circulated on the Internet, and "thin blue letinous edodes" sound, he began to be known, became a net red on both sides of the Changjiang River huobian. At the end of September this year, his girlfriend and friend Wei Yong go to Nanjing tourism. 29 PM, to Nanjing after Wei Yong reported peace. My girlfriend was so happy in Nanjing that she forgot to stay at home alone. He kept to his girlfriend micro letter and speech, but no reply. Wei Yong is worried and sad, lying in bed and toss about to can’t sleep, then using a mobile phone to record their own voice to the circle of friends. Among them, uncomfortable, want to cry pronunciation similar to the blue thin letinous edodes, sounds very interesting, soon passed by crazy. It is this interesting video, let him instantly popular network. As for why the fire, Wei Yong himself is not very clear. His video, the first thing to become the object of laughter friends, and then spread to the network, more people are familiar with. Blue thin letinous edodes, micro-blog became the first hot search list. A video broadcast platform, letinous edodes opened a thin blue invitation brother live video, just a few minutes, watching the number will reach about 18000000. Today’s blue and thin letinous edodes brother, a high degree of social concern, the life from the original calm, but also gradually have the waves. For the sudden burst of red, Wei Yong himself in the end is what attitude? Is he really blue and thin letinous edodes? Reporters through the multi contact, had the honor to interview the new 90 after the red, with a group of lenses to record the high degree of concern under the blue thin letinous edodes brother’s real life.相关的主题文章: