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Weight-Loss If you are looking for a secret high powered fat burning exercise session you should try one of the new bootcamp systems. Bootcamp exercise programs are something that can be done from home without any equipment or investment in a membership to a fitness center. These high powered loss of fat workouts have been gaining quickly in fame because of their effectiveness and the visible results that people see are what motivates them to continue with these programs. Passing Fad or Here to Stay? Bootcamp workouts are not some passing trend. There has finally been a realization that the techniques used in the military to whip guys and girls into shape in a couple months works better than anything else. I spent 13 weeks on Paris Island for Marine Corps Bootcamp so I know what an authentic boot camp is like. Without lifting a single weight I dropped thirty pounds and was in the best shape of my life. At the time I didn’t realize that a decade later this style of exercising would become a phenomenon. BootCamp Workouts are here to stay because of their simplicity and the results that are achieved. Fads come and go but military style exercises and workouts have stood the test of time getting tens of millions of soldiers in shape in record time. Now this style is being used in the civilian world. Why are Boot Camp Exercises so Effective? A well structured bootcamp workout burns more calories than running, aerobics, or any other workout. One of the reasons is the constant switching into different positions and working each muscle with bodyweight exercises. When you do something like run, bike, or use the elliptical machine the human body gets super efficient at mechanically doing the movement so that it can use less and less energy to perform it. Adaptation occurs quickly and within a couple weeks those daily runs or jaunts on the elliptical machine just aren’t burning the fat like they used to. Have you ever reach a fat burning plateau after just a couple weeks? That is one of the reasons why. Simply going from doing pushups to getting yourself off of the ground and doing jumping jacks or squat thrusts requires a lot of energy and uses a lot of muscles constantly switching things up. Boot camp workouts will give you a full body workout and can burn fat fast in only 20-30 minutes a few days a week. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: