Cai Yun recalls the late Spring Festival Gala, the classic Lin Dan is more like a performing master ghost observer

Cai Yun recalled the country feather spring more like those of classical Lin Dan show master Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng recently Chinese badminton team show attracted a lot of hot friends, today we review Cai Yun and he was impressed by the country feather spring festival. (source: and Cai Yunliao badminton public number) Lantern Festival Gala, which is the tradition of the national badminton team, but for various reasons, has not been held for several years. Last night, the team held the Spring Festival Gala in Hainan training camp, which was particularly precious. I could not attend the party today, teammates sent a few Zhang photos, there is still a CCTV video and share with you. Every year the Spring Festival Gala, our team attaches great importance to. After a year of hard work, we all want to have a time to relax and get together. We can also improve the cohesion of the team while enjoying ourselves. Let me remember a spring festival gala should be 2007, the Spring Festival Gala, I and Fu Haifeng together to sing a song "young battlefield". It’s just a song, but for me, it’s hard to remember the lyrics. Rote learning is the most painful thing for me. When you were a child, you should recite the text and memorize it to get back home. I only came out of the classroom every last time. In order to show my daily training is bungled, except in remember the lyrics, toilet bath in mind. Mobile phone also downloaded, nothing to hum, really feel more difficult than training, remember the coach also specially come to power interaction. Li Yongbo and the players interact, and Fu Haifeng is very talented performance, regardless of his singing, or play programs, for him is very handy, it should also play with the same talent, and I may belong to this is not the cell. Fu Haifeng is also a great performance Lin Dan, he likes Jay Chou, the evening performance is also imitate Jay Chou singing, really like, very master of the feeling. Lin Dan, the other players, also performed some songs and dances, sketches and so on. Because we have to train, so it is to use training night to rehearse, although feel very hard, but also very fun, let us experience in addition to sports, in addition to badminton. At the end of the Spring Festival Gala, it also means the end of a new year, and it means the beginning of a new year. Those wonderful memories still exist in my mind, and they will carry on with me!

蔡赟回忆国羽春晚那些经典 林丹更像表演大师 蔡赟和傅海峰   近日中国羽毛球队的春晚节目引来诸多网友热议,今天蔡赟就与我们一起回顾令他印象深刻的国羽春晚。(来源:和蔡赟聊羽毛球公众号)   元宵节搞春晚,这是国家羽毛球队的传统,但由于各种原因,已经好几年没有举办。昨晚,球队在海南集训地办了春节联欢会,显得尤为珍贵。我没能参加,今天队友发来几张晚会照片,还有一段央视视频也和大家分享下吧。   每年的春节联欢晚会我们球队都很重视。大家辛苦了一年,都希望有个时间放松一下,而且大家聚在一起,在开心娱乐的同时也提高队伍凝聚力。   让我记忆深刻的一次春晚应该是2007年,那年春晚我和傅海峰一起唱了一首歌曲《年轻的战场》。虽然只是表演一首歌曲,可是对我来说,难就难在记歌词上面。   死记硬背对我来说是最痛苦的事了。小时候上学要背课文,背下来才能回家。我每次都是最后几名才出教室。   为了演出不砸锅,我每天除了训练就是在记歌词,上厕所洗澡都在记。手机里也下载了,没事就哼哼,真感觉比训练还难,记得教练还特地上台互动。 李永波和队员互动   而傅海峰就很有表演天赋,不管让他唱歌,还是演节目,对他来说都很得心应手,这应该也跟打球一样需要天赋的吧,而我可能就是属于没这方面的细胞。 傅海峰表演   林丹也很厉害,他喜欢周杰伦,晚会表演也是模仿周杰伦唱歌,真的很像,很有大师的感觉。 林丹   其他的队员还表演了一些歌舞,小品什么的。我们因为要训练,所以都是利用训练完的晚上去排练的,虽然觉得很辛苦,但也很有乐趣,让我们体验到了除了体育,除了羽毛球之外的东西。   每次春节联欢会结束,也意味着给自己的一年画上了句号,更意味着新的一年的开始。那些美好的记忆依然存在我的脑海里,都将伴随我继续前行!相关的主题文章: