Cannavaro is not interested in losing the Yellow Sea Guizhou just want to play a good

Cannavaro lost to the Yellow Sea Guizhou is not interested in: just want to play Cannavaro to the other not interested in the results of sina Tianjin sports news Beijing standard time on the afternoon of September 24, 2016, before the game to adapt to the training venue and the press conference in Tianjin the right to health team league twenty-ninth round and the Xinjiang Tianshan snow leopard team competition in Xinjiang Urumqi Sports Center, as a direct competitor Guizhou and the Yellow Sea have lost in the road, the right to health ushered in a great opportunity to get rid of the opponent to grasp the Chongchao initiative. The press conference, Cannavaro did not know Qingdao the Yellow Sea and Guizhou Zhicheng match results, but the card directly is not handsome and love their own team before the other competitors in the game: "there are a lot of games against the league, and we ranked similar team match again before us, I don’t love. I don’t love the most is to see the people around always focus on other teams, so we do not pay attention to other teams, I am not interested, we have our own game, I am asking of you is in accordance with the training requirements and the desire to win a good tomorrow on the pitch we need more attention, the Xinjiang team now without any pressure, so they will have a good play, their defense is also very good, the whole of the ball The organization of the three lines of the team is also very orderly, I believe the opponent’s coach will certainly have a very detailed preparation and arrangement. We have to start from the first minute, release all the energy, only then we will have the opportunity to win." The biggest problem in this game is undoubtedly the right to health in the face of Judson’s absence, frontcourt players need to take more responsibility to make up for the vacancy of the right to health brain "clearly, Wang Chieh said at the press conference:" tomorrow will be a very difficult game this week, we did a lot of preparation, as long as we normally play, intentnesses tomorrow, I believe there will be good results. Now the right to health at the top of the table, Chongchao situation is excellent, but about the current state of the team, handsome cards have different views: "the victory of the results with the help of the team is very large, for next week’s preparation work is very favorable, our team is the front face of the outbreak of the team the greater the energy, but in the face of teams, the game was very difficult, of course, this is also youqingkeyuan, we are a new team, are also very young players. Before we have continuous win, it is our best, although we recently had some ups and downs, but in the face of Wuhan, Dalian (a party) we are through some style and personal ability on the field of victory." With Guizhou and the Yellow Sea both lose the right to health, as long as they can win on the road in Xinjiang, then Guizhou will be obtained at unbeaten ahead of a round of Chongchao, and have a great chance of winning the league championship this year, but a better vision to all built on the basis of the above to win Xinjiang, hope handsome face card smile can be extended to Xinjiang battle with the final whistle.相关的主题文章: