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Hundreds of thousands of people through the news media to enjoy the taste of a hundred years old man refused to accept the old feat, which is how to achieve it? 7 What are the key factors that remain alive in the old age? The US News and world report website recently reported on the anti-aging secrets of six elderly people who are simple, honest, direct and easy to follow. Centenarians old secret is actually 7 words, do not eat too much at night, otherwise you will get sick." The 106 year old Stanislav · Cole gas base told the British "Daily Mail" said in an interview. Some studies show that, if eating too greasy food at night, the body will be more inclined to take the heat stored as fat, rather than taking it as energy to burn, which will lead to weight gain, buried under various health risks. Therefore, the time to eat will have an important impact on health. "It’s my routine routine to exercise every day." 101 year old Ada · Ke Ling said in an interview with New York Times. Physical exercise as part of our daily life, so that its procedures, like brushing your teeth and taking a shower. As time goes by, any repetitive and deliberate practice will make the brain’s neural connections stronger and thicker. Make physical activity a natural part of your life and make your muscles stronger. "I just want to go, don’t want to go back." Ada · Ke Ling said in an interview with New York Times. Set realistic goals for your life, start with simple and small things, and if you do, you want to set more challenging goals. For example, do not plan to participate in the marathon race in the fall, but jogging times a week; do not lose weight in the next month to make an effort to lose weight of 8 kg, but a week to engage in high-intensity exercise for 45 minutes. Achieving these small goals will motivate you to achieve greater goals. "Do everything moderately, have a positive attitude and be thankful for the things around you." The 100 year old · kit in Thailand Lauretta; accept the "USA Today" said in an interview. The state of mind can affect the health, mental health and mental health on the face of a wide range, including cardiopulmonary function, sleep patterns and body posture, etc.. To maintain a happy growth, love and care for others to learn the mentality of people will open the door to the heart, willing to accept the new experience, promote the emergence of innovative ideas, to better take care of themselves and the people around. "The family makes me happy." The 116 year old Susanna · maushart; · Jones in an interview with national public radio interview. This is the Harvard University psychiatrist Robert · the concept of health has been advocated by Wahl dingle. As director of the adult development laboratory at the Massachusetts General Hospital, he conducted a follow-up study of hundreds of American men for 75 years to examine factors that affect adult happiness. He.相关的主题文章: