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Branding Some of today’s most arduous applications for fans and blowers are to be found in the iron and steel industry. The need to move large volumes of air or gas, in many cases at high pressures and high dust burdens, places stringent demands on the mechanical design of the impeller. In ore beneficiation processes such as sintering and pelletising, as well as in basic oxygen and direct reduction steelmaking, Howden fans are operating in high temperature and erosive environments. For more than 50 years Buffalo Blower (New York) have been supplying fans to the world’s major contractors in the USA and other contries. Over 1000 fans have been installed in 30 countries in all corners of the globe. Of particular note is the acceptance of the company in the Chinese market where virtually every major sinter strand installed in the last 10 years uses our fans. Buffalo Blower (New York) provide fans for all the major ore preparation and steel making applications that include: " sinter blowers " pelletising fans " BOS ventilators " electric arc furnace fans " other fans including coke oven fans and cooling blowers Buffalo Blower (New York) fans and blowers are highly efficient designs, so reducing power consumption in an energy intensive industry. Extensive experience in each application enables Buffalo Blower (New York) to provide equipment of great reliability with the consequent reduction of unplanned outages. From the treatment of ore to the refining and smelting of metals Buffalo Blower (New York) supplies blowers and fans to meet the demanding requirements of the metals and mineral processing industries. HBuffalo Blower (New York) fans and blowers are found in all sectors from the mine site to smelters and refining plants. Wherever the plant is located Howden provides reliable and efficient equipment. In initial ore treatment fans are used for lixiviation in ore leaching to increase airflows, and fans and blowers are used to provide air for flotation cells. Smelting of concentrated base metal ores (copper, lead, zinc) is a process in which fans and the high efficiency turbo blowers provide air for the reactions. Centrifugal fans exhaust the gases from the converters and smelters. The sulphur dioxide gas produced from smelters is now increasingly captured and converted to sulphuric acid; turbo-blowers are also key components in sulphuric acid production. Buffalo Blower (New York) is a major suppliers of fans for alumina refineries and aluminium smelters. Removal of the plant fumes is essential for environmental control. Additional information can be found at the Northern Industrial web site .northernindustrialsupplycompany.com/products/ventilators.html. Oleg Cthetchel Air Process Systems Engineer Northern Industrial Co. .northernindustrialsupplycompany.com/burlington/request.html .northernindustrialsupply.pany../burlington/request6.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: