Changsha is now the vice president of the project to lose weight on a monthly bonus of one hundred

The Changsha crazy diet Project Deputy GM exposes the monthly dividend one hundred thousand yuan in September 19th, brought the building of Yingpan Road, law enforcement officers to check the suspected pyramid "Shanghe health salon". Intern reporter Yang Xu Ran Jianjin (original title: Crazy diet project to make money by pulling the head) a month 10 guests a year can earn 800 thousand, development agents can also enjoy high dividends, make the regional Deputy Director level, the monthly dividend can reach hundreds of thousands or even more than two hundred thousand yuan, so good project you echocardiography? Recently, an article on "crazy diet, chain shops" advertising is extremely popular in the circle of friends, which declared that "big meat" weight loss program, in a number of roadside barber shop, beauty shop has grafted business. But the reporter found that the project to pay entry fees, pull the head, hierarchical business model has been suspected of pyramid schemes. Recently, Changsha resident Li Aimei (a pseudonym) saw a "crazy diet in the circle of friends, shops chain" advertising, to inspect the project, accept the training process, she found the name of weight loss project, and is actually mlm. Li Aimei will be reflected to the Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter. September 17th onwards, the reporter to investigate the name of the project to investigate and found that the dominant project is "he (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., ltd.". Last December, the newspaper reported the company operating in the Hunan region because of alleged pyramid scheme, are dealt with the business sector, but did not think of is, a vice president in May this year with a new team, replacing the place after the "new". How much profit a course of 1980 yuan, the cost is only 80 yuan in September 17th afternoon, according to information provided by Li Aimei, reporters call the Shanghe company deputy general Qiuxing ", when at the appointed time arrived at the 20 floor of a building, Lingyu Yingpan Road office when he was 6 to inspect the project and introduced the" weight loss program". Qiuxing deputy general, the project is divided into three blocks: lose weight lose weight, shape and physical therapy. For the profit model, he as a treatment for patients with a given set of data: weight loss fee of 1980 yuan, while the shaping and physiotherapy are 2680 yuan, the corresponding costs were 80 yuan and 680 yuan, 680 yuan." He also takes a month to pull 10 guests, for example, the general weight calculated by two period, turnover of 38 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan each plastic and physiotherapy turnover, turnover of 78 thousand yuan after deducting rent, utilities and store personnel expenses, monthly profit of 68 thousand yuan, the annual profit of about 800 thousand yuan. With a minimum of 2.5 guests, a monthly profit of 17 thousand, annual profit of about $200 thousand. According to deputy general Qiuxing saying, open shop is lose weight can not lose business, even if the 2.5 guests have come, in his opinion, "such a person, is not recommended to do business." But he added, "to lose weight just to expand the tourist projects, following local plastic and other items also can make money." A package of 10 pounds thin, do not need much cost, (all together) up to $200." Talking about huge profits in a franchisee Ms. Tian Shangcheng gold district open shop understand this: "everyone’s safety awareness is very strong, often choose expensive?相关的主题文章: