Chelsea cleaning! Conti has cut 5 meritorious Fabregas

Chelsea cleaning! Conti has cut 5 meritorious Cesc Conti has decided to cut Chelsea’s top 5 meritorious members of sina sports league start a 3 game winning streak after coach Conti led the Chelsea team to fall into the quagmire, the next round of the Premier League has only bad record of 1 flat 2 negative, standings in the position is slipped to eighth. It can be said that Conti and the club’s honeymoon period ahead of the end, and then if you do not reform and rectification, I am afraid that the bridge on the top of the day who are not easy to get up on. From "the times" of the news, Conti was finally determined to change, offering up the knife Kanxiang Chelsea’s five meritorious members. The newspaper said, in addition to the beginning of the season, Conti has been out of the squad, not for the organization outside the core of Fabregas, the 4 generals were Matic, Gary – Cahill, Oscar and Ivanovic. "The times", Conti’s "rectification plan" has been the support of the club owner Abu, in a recent high-level secret meeting, Conti told Abu, the Standford bridge is not a serious atmosphere in the dressing room, filled with a variety of wild habits and complacency, and gradually expanded in the last two or three years, this perhaps Chelsea is the internal cause of poor record in recent years. "Yes, we are a big player, but that’s just in the newspapers, not in the real world. I want to build a real rich division, it needs to reflect the real team on the court style, everything on the pitch to speak." After the weekend 0-3 negative miserable Arsenal, Conti said fiercely, perhaps at that moment, he decided to have a thorough cleaning and transformation of the team. (Alduin)相关的主题文章: