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Cheng Wei: drops will develop unmanned Uber is a great rival Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 7th news, Didi founder and CEO Cheng Wei recently accepted the foreign media interview, disclosed the drops and quick merger and compete with Uber behind the little-known story, also talked about the drops of the unmanned vehicle development plan and company the future development of such a hot topic of concern to the outside world. The following is the main content of the article: drops founder and CEO Cheng Wei in Beijing headquarters, the company founder and CEO Cheng Wei was called "boss"". Some employees will simply call his name "Will English". But this summer, Chengwei has a nickname – "Uber butcher" (Uber Slayer), the reason is that he is in the fierce competition and the Uber finally stopped the opponent’s pace – Uber is also considered since Bill · Gates (Bill Gates) Company of the richest and most greedy creation since Microsoft. In August, after a year and a half, billions of dollars in subsidies war, Uber finally agreed to sell its Chinese business, and then withdraw from the Chinese market. For Uber, the retreat saved its face – Uber acquired a 17.7% stake in the deal and $1 billion in cash on the deal. But for Cheng Wei, this is a major victory. The two sides signed an investment agreement after 8 weeks for his final opponent, Chengwei still cautious, sounds very generous. "Uber is a great company," he said. "Their strategy in the Chinese market is the best of all Silicon Valley companies. They are more flexible than Google, and they do not show this attitude in many countries in the world, but in China, they learn to express goodwill. They are different from those in China is very common in foreign companies, more like a start-up company, full of enthusiasm, it feels like fighting for themselves." The world of Uber CEO and Travis · kalanike (TravisKalanick) will be familiar. But before August of this year, Cheng Wei outside of China is still little known, he prefers to make fluent English didi president, former Goldman Sachs managing director Liu Qing as the company’s image spokesperson". Under the leadership of the process dimension, drops of business in just four years covering China’s 400 cities. Cheng Wei said that at present China’s 80% taxi drivers are using drops to find passengers. Due to the use of too many drops, passengers do not use the application during peak hours it is difficult to hit the car. Recently, drops in the valuation of a new round of financing reached $35 billion, ranking among the world’s highest valuation of Private Companies. At the same time, nearly 500 cities in the operations of the Uber, currently valued at $68 billion. At the end of September this year, Cheng Wei rarely accepted the media interview, talked about his journey become Chinese commercial hero. "When we plan to launch a taxi, there are about 30 taxi service at the same time," said Cheng, a 33 year old. "There are a variety of business models."相关的主题文章: