Chengdu golden week income of 12 billion 980 million yuan in the first row of the provincial

Chengdu golden week revenue of 12 billion 980 million yuan in the southwest of the provincial capital city ranked first (Figure eleven) golden week just past, a number of the city on the sun out of their tourism revenue bills, from around the data, golden week has become worthy of the name "Golden Week", the 7 day average daily tourism income of more than the annual average level of about 3 times. Chengdu tourism in the National Day is according to the Tourism Bureau issued a stride forward singing militant songs, the data, the city has a total of 11 million 933 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 12 billion 981 million yuan, an increase of 23.1%, ranking first in the southwest of the provincial capital city. Golden week Chengdu tourism income and personal growth in China’s southwest tourism resources are rich, but also the main tourist destination of each holiday. 8, 2009, the southwest of the capital city of the three National Day Golden Week tourism income statement". According to the data released by the Chengdu Municipal Tourism Bureau, the city’s tourist reception continued to grow steadily, the cumulative total of 11 million 933 thousand passengers, an increase of 3%; tourism revenue of $12 billion 981 million, an increase of 23.1%. During the holiday, the main tourist attractions in Chengdu continued unpopular, is the main reason for revenue growth. For example, panda base tourists 337 thousand and 200 passengers, an increase of 77.38%. The surrounding cities also achieved a substantial increase in tourism income and passengers, Kunming received a total of 3 million 103 thousand and 800 passengers, an increase of 17.48%; tourism revenue of $1 billion 634 million, an increase of 27.99%. Among them, the reception overnight tourists 501 thousand and 200 passengers, an increase of 32.07%; reception day tour tourists, an increase of 15.04%. Guiyang tourists 5 million 906 thousand and 500 passengers, an increase of 41.46%, total tourism revenue of $4 billion 443 million, an increase of 47.9%. Overnight rate continued to rise to 3 million 552 thousand passengers overnight rate has been an important indicator of the tourism economy, which means that the longer the time spent, hotel, restaurant consumption is also more. The National Tourism Administration issued "on the reform and improve the domestic tourism reception statistics system pilot work briefing", the new provisions of the domestic tourism statistics index evaluation method, the accommodation for the night person days as core index. In Chengdu to spend the national day of the global tourists, there are nearly 1/3 of the overnight visitors, reaching 3 million 552 thousand passengers, an increase of 3.4%; day trips tourists, an increase of 2.8%. According to statistics, Lairong tourists per capita stay 3.5 days, overnight tourists spent 802.2 yuan per capita one day, day tourists spent 358.9 yuan per capita one day. This data is even more than the Yunnan Province, Yunnan golden week tour received 3 million 138 thousand and 800 tourists, Tour 10 million 496 thousand and 800 tourists reception. Self driving travel accounted for nearly 500 thousand people from the plane to travel from the driver continued to heat up, is a major feature of this year’s golden week in Chengdu. A large number of local residents and tourists from other provinces and cities within the province, Lairong sightseeing car, good holiday toll free policy combined with small vehicles, with self driving on behalf of a相关的主题文章: