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Writer of black stork children new work: hope you respect life and nature in the new network "and" the book of my prairie animal friends. Daily press for map. Beijing Beijing, October 30, (Shangguan) 30, "our animal friends –" my friend "and" the prairie animal whose footprint? Writers meeting held in Beijing. Children’s literature writer gerile Qimuge? Black crane, well-known reading promotion, Sun Huiyang and other guests to discuss the picture books and children’s literature etc.. Black crane is a new generation of animal novel writer, "I and grassland animal friend" is his first documentary works. "Every animal around me is my family, my brothers and sisters." Black stork jokingly said, then he introduces the shepherd, feeding horses and the depths of the Greater Khingan Range camp to reindeer ewenki. It is the first time that the book has revealed about 150 photos of his close contact with animals. Whose footprint is this? "The book. Daily press for map. The 150 pictures in the book were selected from nearly 100 thousand photos, including the text, which is a true portrayal of my grassland life. I hope that through this kind of work, not only the reader can understand the animals living on the grassland, but also lead to the reader’s reverence and respect for nature and life." Whose footprint is this? Focus on ecological environment and animal protection. Works from brewing to the book, has experienced nearly a year’s time, but also condenses a lot of science workers, ecological protection efforts. Sun Huiyang for many years engaged in the promotion of reading, reading habits and reading habits of children have a deep understanding, and she is also one of the two new readers. Turning to natural themes, Sun said: "let the children read some natural theme works is necessary. These two books are very good works, because they are based on real life, with a strong persuasion, the content is not only full of humane care, the book’s photographs and illustrations are also very beautiful." (end)相关的主题文章: