China joined the military governance haze core technology previously only for chemical defense

China joined the military governance haze core technology previously only for chemical defense China military rule haze haze rule into precise system turned out in September 26th, Beijing issued the haze yellow warning signal, this is 2016 after the fall of Beijing for the first time the alarm sounded severe pollution. It is noteworthy, sounding the alarm before a China proposed by the military precision haze rule system turned out. In the system of "blue parade" are examples of simulation, put forward the "civil military integration, precise governance haze, analysts believe that this may provide a new idea for the treatment of China haze. Haze problem has aroused concern. (map) accurate Na Si in September 12th, Chinese International Exhibition Center Hall 7, Institute of chemical defense China people’s Liberation Army General Hu Xiaoping Dean, issued a "national air quality high resolution prediction and pollution control decision support system (referred to as NARS, Na SI system)". Call Xiaoping said, God thinking system is to explore effective ways of development of civil military integration attempt, its precise treatment system of haze technique in Institute of chemical defense CBRN damage forecast and development theory, method and technology based on the control. These achievements, has won two national technical invention award, the national science and technology progress award, such as the first prize and military science and technology progress award of the more than and 10 awards, such as the two. Institute of chemical defense Chinese people’s Liberation Army, founded in 1950, belonging to the original PLA General Staff, deputy construction corps. It is only the PLA antichemical corps a specialized in chemical teaching, training and scientific research, engineering command, integrated military colleges, is one of the six military school with a great reputation. I think the system team led by the PLA Chemical Institute, jointly set up China Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Peking University, the National Meteorological Center and the Beijing Blue Technology Co. Ltd. and other units. Team leader Huang Shunxiang, was born in Chongqing in October 1976, researcher at the Institute of chemical defense, the object of talents discipline of training high-level military technological innovation project, won the two national invention prize 1, military science and technology prize 4, two prize 2, third-prize 1 national invention and 17 patents won the individual two, 2, three. 2, is the youngest of the national technology invention award first army person, enjoy the excellent technical personnel professional army of two kinds of post allowance, the State Key Development Program Chief of young scientists. In an "Chinese news weekly" interview, Huang Shunxiang is very succinctly on SI system is described. The system by using the adjoint method, to achieve the precise source of air pollution, can be calculated in different regions and different periods of each pollution source on the pollutant concentration contribution rate, resolution of up to 1 to 3 kilometers. According to the calculation results, can be traced back to specific emission sources and its contribution to the cause of air pollution on the rate of rearrangement of enterprises and the main pollution source to cross, intermittent emission reduction or emission limits, to ensure air quality safety at the same time, also to ensure the economic benefit of society and enterprise. In Huang Shunxiang seems, Na thinking system innovation is mainly reflected in the precise aspects. Simply say, precise positioning of the source, control the source of governance, emergency optimization source three words. It sounds simple, but its core technology is not simple. The method of comprehensive traceability system for atmospheric pollutants.相关的主题文章: