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China domestic regional jet towards industrialization – Beijing, Beijing, September 29 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) Chinese commercial aircraft company in Shanghai on 29 to Chengdu Airlines delivered a new second aircraft ARJ21 regional jet, marking the China regional jet to industrialization steadily forward. On the same day, Jiang Huaiyu, director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China in East China, issued a nationality registration certificate, a single aircraft airworthiness certificate (AC) and a radio station license to Chengdu airlines. Deputy general manager, Chinese fly Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., ARJ21 new regional jet batch production director Yu Zemin, the second frame delivery machine adopts mixed class layout, the whole machine 78 seat cabin with first-class cabin, business class and economy class, offers a variety of options for passengers. Their feedback according to the first operation of ARJ21 aircraft made by the optimization of local details such as cabin seat plate. Yu Zemin said, in order to speed up the industrialization process of regional jet, China commercial aircraft company is to speed up the establishment of China meet the airworthiness regulations required production quality assurance system, efforts to promote the production license (PC) certification work. Aircraft production requirements are relatively high, PC certificate is equivalent to the production of a pass." Yu Zemin said, this system will ensure that the aircraft and parts are in compliance with the approved design, and in a safe state "available, follow each aircraft and you obtain a certificate of Airworthiness of the aircraft state". In addition, China commercial aircraft company is also accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the ARJ21 aircraft assembly line, to enhance the level of aircraft assembly automation, and continuously improve the production capacity. Yu Zemin said that in 2015 and in 2016 has delivered two ARJ21 aircraft, in line with the production line, after mass production, there may be two aircraft a month off the assembly line". He is expected to be delivered in 2017 7, eventually reaching an annual output of 25 ARJ21 aircraft in 2020. China commercial flight company is the main body of the implementation of large passenger aircraft project, but also to co-ordinate the development of dry branch aircraft, the main carrier of China’s civil aircraft industry. ARJ21 as his "vanguard", will also C919 airliner "pathfinder". (end)相关的主题文章: