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China students private custom high-end study high tide in where? – Beijing, Beijing, October 30, according to the American press network news, this year, the army is still in the growth of China overseas study market, further subdivided, "high-end study" this idea appeared frequently in the students and parents in the line of sight. Many overseas education institutions have also launched the "high-end study" service projects, for the student’s personal situation to provide "private custom" type of long-term study planning and counseling services. So, the so-called high-end study in the end high in where? Study of population differentiation in recent years, the number of overseas students and the rapid increase of China. According to statistics from the Ministry of education of China, from 1978 to 2014, the total number of Chinese students studying abroad reached 3 million 518 thousand and 400, and continued to grow. After 2009, the growth rate of China’s study abroad has slowed down. Nevertheless, in 2009 China’s growth rate is still 27.53%, in 2011 the growth rate of 19.32%, in 2013 the growth rate of 3.58%, the overall growth maintained. Taipei, Wang reported citing The Associated Press reported that only 2014 to 2015 school year, there are more than about 300000 Chinese students studying in the United states. The United States International Research Institute (IIE) released the "2015 U.S. Open Doors report" shows, from the point of view of total Chinese to foreign students studying abroad accounted for the total number of nearly 60%, an increase of 10.8%, this is the eighth consecutive year with two digit growth. With the increase in the number of Chinese students to study abroad has become increasingly common, competitiveness has gradually weakened. Therefore, there is a need to study the internal groups have changed, the traditional study needs are quietly changing. "In the past, the elite wanted to send their children abroad for education," he said." Zhao Wendong, director of the Institute of education, Beijing International Education Group, director of high-end products, said that today’s students are gradually divided into the main groups. "One is the children’s education as part of the investment, hope their children to study abroad after graduation can have a better development in the local or become a family enterprise’s future successor; the other is the child may be home to the first session of the college students, so more children hope to get a higher quality education abroad; and is the child itself has a strong motivation to study, eager to enter the top 30 to 50 universities, to obtain more high-quality teaching resources and future development." Therefore, the diversity of the needs of foreign students, but also to China’s educational institutions to study the development of high-end demand. The nuggets of high-end market study in May this year, China issued by the Ministry of education "2016 international trends report" pointed out that the corresponding number of application of rapid growth is the increase in the difficulty of the application, the competition is more intense. American Ivy League from 2010 to 2015 data show that the overall rate of undergraduate admission is declining, the top schools in other countries are no exception. Fierce competition, overseas institutions.相关的主题文章: