China’s private enterprises to acquire Israel’s only satellite operators – China Network 9c8947

Chinese private enterprises to acquire new network new network in August the only Israeli satellite operators in 25,   China satellite communications major listed companies in the evening of August 24th Xinwei group issued a statement, said the group through its subsidiary Luxemburg Aerospace Communications Company, intends to acquire Ltd Israel Space-Communication (SCC) 100% of the shares. Public data shows, SCC Corporation is a leading global satellite operators, Israel is also the only satellite operators, the company registered in Israel and listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange, to provide satellite communications services in global market, service areas covering Europe and the Middle East, Africa and asia. Previously, Xinwei group has been committed to becoming a global coverage of the world development of a comprehensive information service provider. Obviously, the acquisition of Israeli satellite operators, to accelerate the implementation of the commitment of the "Xinwei Aerospace Information Network" strategy, to accelerate the layout and built based on Xinwei satellite communication and ground communication combining the world network integration, to further expand the space and ground of the combination of first mover advantage, creating favorable conditions for the construction and operation of the global space the Internet system. The acquisition is to obtain Xinwei extremely scarce resources in orbit. The global satellite communication market is undergoing the process of integration, value in space orbit resources are very scarce, the service area covered SCC rail resource are rapidly growing demand for national and regional satellite communications services, especially in the Middle East is one of the world’s satellite service industry’s fastest growing regional income. The acquisition of Xinwei group SCC in Israel, and high-profile "China Belt and Road Initiative" strategic fit, this is the biggest highlight of Xinwei as a private enterprise to acquire Israel only China satellite operator. Xinwei said the acquisition of SCC company mainly for "The Belt and Road provide communication support. At present, SCC company Amos series of satellites including joint is located in longitude 4 degrees west orbital Amos-2 and Amos-3 satellite and Amos-4 satellite position is located at 65 degrees and plans to launch rail, to replace the Amos-2 satellite Amos-6 satellite in early next month. In addition, SCC company plans in 2018 to launch Amos-17 satellite longitude 17 degrees, 67.25 degrees east longitude in 2019 launch of the Amos-7 satellite, the satellite coverage in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia (including Chinese), Russia, Africa, radiation throughout the "The Belt and Road" economic zone. You can use the SCC Xinwei group company of these orbit resources to provide ground communication network solutions for The Belt and Road "area and the international market, and provide satellite communication services. The announcement also revealed that the SCC operation is good, after the completion of the acquisition, will help improve the profitability of xinwei. Particularly encouraging is that the acquisition will make a Xinwei has 20 years of satellite rich operational experience of the Israel professional team, to develop domestic satellite communication operations personnel is also very good. Industry.相关的主题文章: