Chongqing Yongchuan coal mine explosion in cross-border exploitation of legal representative control

Chongqing Yongchuan coal mine explosion in cross-border exploitation of legal representative of the original title: Yongchuan coal mine explosion control legal representative to be controlled in October 31st, Chongqing city Yongchuan District Su Zhen Jin Shan Gou coal mine gas explosion occurred, has found the remains of 18 dead miners, there are 15 miners missing. As of November 1st 10 in the morning when the harmful gas of mine main roadway in Bei Xiang has been discharged, is conducting a comprehensive search for missing persons. Chongqing Yongchuan coal mine explosion accident, the legal representative of mine has been controlled by the police. The mine ultra layer cross-border exploitation of illegal according to the scene of the accident emergency command, this gas explosion is very serious, wellhead three huge charging cabinet were ripped down on the ground. The time of the incident, to Su Zhen Shi Niu Cun Tao Puzhang 4 groups of villagers are about 500 meters away from the coal mine field to do farm work, suddenly heard a bang a loud noise, like a bomb exploded, the ground shook, then saw a cloud of smoke rushed to tens of meters high heaven. Winchman Liu Fuxiu is a female worker in Jinshan coal mine, the accident occurred when she was 40 meters from the wellhead, the violent explosion after a strong shock wave will lift its five or six meters, brow, face, waist and other multiple injuries. "One of my relatives in the well, I hope he can successfully rescued All is well!" She sobbed. According to Luo Qingquan Yongchuan district said that the accident is the enterprise private coal mines, the legal representative is Jiang Wenji, Yongchuan, the three mine as a licence is complete, legal representative, Jinshan coal mine mine has been controlled by the police, is investigating the situation of enterprises. Deputy director of the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau of Guangxi, said, according to preliminary investigation, the existing coal mine underground ultra layer cross-border exploitation facilities imperfect, unreasonable ventilation system, safety management confusion and other issues. The remains of ascending the well rescuers silence October 31st afternoon, rescue workers day and night for the search and rescue work, ensure not to miss a place, not a tiny bit may. On November 1st at 2:30 in the morning, the rescue of intense repair, main inclined shaft hoist can resume operation, normal delivery, personnel search and rescue equipment. Previously, after full search and rescue, 93 meters in the underground level found the remains of 13 miners were killed. The mine Bei Xiang severely damaged, the gas concentration (3.12%) and the concentration of carbon monoxide (16200ppm) emissions exceed the standard seriously, rescue work is being carried out. November 1st morning, the rescue team has divided into two batches into the mine, to carry out search and rescue and installation of ventilation equipment. Reporters on the scene saw, due to excessive toxic gases, rescue workers can only carry protective supplies, dozens of professional rescue workers waiting at the wellhead, ready to implement the rotation of the rescue. Spot lights, stop several ten ambulances, two sets of emergency power supply vehicle. As of 1 at 10 in the morning, north of the main roadway in the harmful gas of mine has been fully discharged, is conducting a comprehensive search for missing persons. 1 pm, the rescue team to eliminate the poisonous and harmful gas in the main roadway lane, then according to the toxic and harmful gas emissions, to carry out follow-up rescue work. Two相关的主题文章: