Constellation sincere words cancer suspect I do not seriously forced to break up (Figure) visualboyadvance

I doubt the truth Constellation: cancer not serious (Figure) in the forced break up virgin cabaret, tickets all men doubt the virgin work not serious, but also take up work for virgin force. As a result, this made the demon directly to the virgin forced away…… Sina constellation netizen lemon8868335 love said to Sina constellation Cancer suspect I don’t serious forced to break up is so, (Y) 28 years old, virgin female (Z) years old. I began in early August, at the end of July I knew she had just arrived in Beijing for more than 1 weeks and because her mother is not in good health while in paid escort cabaret selling roses, but did not do any more for the behavior. I liked her and began to pursue her. Soon we’ll be together, and I’m sure both of us have paid for it. And together at the end of August she returned to his hometown in Shandong. At the beginning of September because I miss each other alone to Shandong to find her and met her parents. At that time the feeling is very good! I’ve been trying to convince her to switch to a normal job. After she promised me Ruanmoyingpao together back to Beijing, go back to Beijing to rest two days later she said she wanted to do the job for two months, so I believe that she will not be a problem. My heart is like heaven to the bottom. Then the second day when she went to work, I used up my primary school to the present so words to her a long message. I want to tell her that I love her so much that I don’t want to lose her. I hope she can find a job, I will try to help her find a normal job. The second day of the original plan is to check the physical condition of the hospital. Talk about the work done thing. Who knows that bad luck, or hit a taxi. So when I eat, I told her I asked her friends to find a job, has been successful, do sports brand sales. Then have the experience to work hard to mobilize the work. Who told me she refused me. Then I said if you don’t want to quit, I don’t think our relationship will continue. In short is to break up! When I say these words, I regret it, because I never offered to break up with any girl. In the afternoon I went to the KTV to drink a bottle of vodka, she sent a message to me in the hospital, I wake up! But the face and facial expression in the drink is definitely scary) immediately rushed to the hospital, after the meeting was informed that she went to see a doctor with a friend! In the next three days I was in great pain. Think you should trust her. Today I decided to tell her and ask for a compound. When asked to meet was rejected! One knee scared her away. Now it’s really painful. I knew I had to know her and I knew that I had a problem, she decided to go home for the Mid Autumn Festival, and told me that when I said goodbye, she had decided to go home and not in Beijing! Please God help me how to save her heart! (give me a long message she sent under the laws to break up the night before) wife, estimated that today you could not go home after 12 will be able to get away, you have the body is not good, after returning to Beijing and back to the rest of your diet is not the law state. That makes me feel?相关的主题文章: