Crabs in Hong Kong found carcinogens in Jiangsu two enterprises involved recalls – Sohu news

Crabs in Hong Kong found carcinogens Jiangsu two companies involved in Sohu launched a recall of news yesterday, the reporter visited Wujiang Wan Qing Taihu crab breeding Co. Ltd. ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter He Jie photo Jiangsu two companies involved have started the recall, the relevant departments involved in the investigation; a slobber detection and not a product of dioxin according to the Hongkong SAR Center for food safety (hereinafter referred to as "Hongkong food safety center") official website news November 1st, inspection center in late September in the market 5 samples, found that 2 of them from Jiangsu samples of dioxin content exceed the standard, the risk of cancer. This news can be frightened a lot of chowhound. November 2nd, the modern express reporter learned that the current inspection and quarantine departments in Jiangsu and Jiangsu province has been involved in the investigation of marine fisheries. Two companies also said the first time, has started the recall process, is working with the inspection and quarantine departments to investigate. Modern Express reporter query relevant information found that the export of aquatic products is mainly heavy metal and pesticide residues, and no dioxin. Modern Express reporter He Jie Yang Feifei Xu Hongyan Nanjing ZAKER event review two samples found to exceed the standard of dioxin produced in Jiangsu November 1st, Hongkong food safety center official website informed that, immediately suspended two aquaculture farms in Jiangsu Province — Wujiang Wan Qing Taihu crab breeding company limited and Jiangsu Taihu aquaculture Limited production of crabs imported and sold in Hong Kong, the industry such as holding from the two farm crabs also should be discontinued immediately and sale. Center spokesman said, in late September, the sample of 5 samples in the market, found that the dioxin content in 2 samples exceed the standard. Center preliminary investigation found that someone’s food from the above two Jiangsu aquaculture farms. The centre has informed the mainland authorities to follow up and maintain close contact with the mainland authorities. The spokesman said, the center has informed Hong Kong involved importers, they will import the instruction from the two aquaculture farms crabs immediate shelves and sale, and recovery. Hongkong Food Safety Center pointed out that consumers if excessive intake of dioxins, chlorine can cause acne, skin rashes and other skin diseases and discoloration, excessive body hair. The international agency for research on cancer has been the two evil Yinglie for human carcinogen. Companies respond to Jiangsu two companies involved have started the recall procedure yesterday afternoon, the modern express reporter came to Jiangsu Taihu aquatic products Co., Ltd., two story building is a hairy exhibition sales area, two floor office area. The staff said, the relevant person in charge of the matter to the relevant departments have the meeting, at present all crabs have shelf sale, ready to recall, cooperate with the inspection and quarantine departments to do self-examination, but also to send a batch of samples to the national quality inspection administration, is waiting for the results. Staff revealed that, in fact, the company issued a sampling of the results of the Hongkong some puzzled, September sampling, why the results have been published so far? In general, a week can produce results, according to the results, the company can immediately recall when.相关的主题文章: