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The crew was hijacked by Somali pirates 1672 days: we will go home alive – Sohu news a week ago, 33 year old Philippines crew ahnell thinks she will Bello? Barr spent the rest of his life in Somalia; a day earlier, Barbeiro with a "decent lunch" finally announced his new. Four and a half years, the 1672 day, isolated, it is lucky to survive!" Rescued at day 22, the first thing to do is to borrow Baltimore Bello, a United Nations staff call family reported safe, "until finally this day!" Time back to March 2012, Oman Taiwan fishing boat NAHAM3 was hijacked by Somali pirates, including 29 crew members, including the ship, including China, including a total of 12 chinese. During the hijacking, 3 crew members died. Yes, we eat mice. We eat everything. More than a year after being hijacked at sea, the remaining 26 crew members were transferred to a small village about 400 kilometers northeast of Muqdisho, because of the shipwreck. "We live in the forest, under a tree in the tent to sleep, the 25 day, Barbeiro said in an interview with Xinhua, because piracy vigilance is high, every two or three months, the crew will be carrying a tent home transfer. In order to fill the stomach, the crew used ropes and trunks to make a net for catching mice and birds. "Yes, we eat mice. We eat everything." We will live [home] Barbeiro recalls, Chinese crew can hardly speak English, he and another will be a little Chinese Philippines crew became help Chinese and other nationality crew communication translation". Disease, hunger, torture, fear…… Recall that four and a half years, almost everyone has had the idea of committing suicide. Can not stand, no way, Barbeiro said in chinese. However, Barbeiro has always remembered that the Chinese crew had told him, "we need you to communicate with others". This sentence gave him a sense of responsibility, but also gave him the power to stick to it. "We always comfort each other, ‘we’ll go home, and we’ll go home…… " occasionally, the crew will also quarrel over trivial matters, but most of the time is very harmonious. In the eyes of Baltimore bellow, we have a common faith, is to "leave alive!" [I can do is keep silent because they haven’t been released] had been hijacked American journalist Michael Scott Moore?? in 23 days the crew arrived in Kenya’s capital Nairobi on the same day, American journalist Michael Scott?? Moore also appeared at the airport, he saw the crew will cry on each other’s shoulder. It turned out that Moore was two years ago by the world’s major media reports were released by Somali pirates released the hero. 25, the same day, Moore told reporters that he was kidnapped by another group of pirates to NAHAM3 fishing boat, and spent time with the crew for 5 months. "When I heard the news that the crew was rescued, I flew over from Berlin相关的主题文章: