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Double camera behind the 20 billion decryption iPhone market SONY Apple design win – Sohu technology wise things that made | ash at the beginning of the month released a new iPhone 7 Plus has also introduced two cameras, and in fact, in the autumn of 2016, this year we saw two mobile phone photo of the A new force suddenly rises. 360 this year, the first launch of dual camera models, followed by HUAWEI P9, and now even iPhone also follow up. Add a camera, the designer can improve the camera performance on the basis of maintaining the phone’s slim shape. Dual camera design has become a major trend in the development of smart phones. This design can achieve many camera experience, such as double image, optical zoom, image enhancement and dark 3D shooting etc.. Double photo has become a major highlight of the major mobile phone brands differentiation. It is predicted that by 2018 the market size of the dual camera industry is expected to exceed 8 billion 730 million yuan. 16-18 compound growth rate will reach 134%. Among them, the CMOS chip, lens and other modules of the industry chain will usher in rapid development. Intelligent reference of this issue, we recommend from France well-known electronic supply chain market research firm Yole report in detail CMOS market. Wise things ever heard crying manufacturers find a satisfactory CMOS, often take "the force of"! I hope this period report can help you help. If you want to collect the full report of this article, you can be smart things (public number: zhidxcom) reply keywords CMOS download. This report focuses on the sensor from the perspective of the growth of the CMOS market, global shipments of manufacturers and price distribution and the distribution of the application market and the compound growth rate and other key information. Yole for the entire CMOS sensor market is expected to rise. CMOS image sensor market reached a milestone of $10 billion in revenue, has always maintained this upward momentum. The main driver is the dual camera smartphone camera class application market space. According to market revenue forecasts from 2007, revenue will reach $19 billion by 2021. Is expected to 2021, around the mobile phone photo double technology market demand will reach nearly $20 billion in size, the biggest winner will be back to Apple as a representative of the mobile phone manufacturers and semiconductor manufacturers represented by SONY. In 2010 Yole released this report first, the imaging industry is at a turning point, then CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor sensor) market revenue has just reached the mainstream CCD (CCD camera) half. From the beginning of last year, the entire industry has reached the milepost of the $10 billion in revenue, but also become the key technology of SONY, Samsung, A Morimi, and other major Hynix Semiconductor inc.. Mobile terminal is still the most important market for CMOS image sensors, which requires components to meet the mobile terminal volume and performance to.相关的主题文章: