Deutsche Bank warned EBRD negative interest rates has put depositors hostage reshacker

Deutsche Bank warned: EBRD negative interest rates has put depositors hostage Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Huitong news network August 25th – slobber war Deutsche Bank and the European Central Bank is not what happens. In February this year, the United States well-known financial blogger zero hedge wrote "Deutsche Bank criticized the European Central Bank: stop the injured loose, you are overwhelmed by us". Then at the end of June this year, the chief economist of Deutsche Bank Folkerts-Landau issued a shocking anti ECB speech, warned that the ECB could lead to social unrest and another round of economic depression. Unfortunately, Deutsche Bank’s attacks did not play any role, but to convey to the market how the ECB’s monetary policy hurt Deutsche Bank signal. As a result, Deutsche Bank shares fell all the way, is currently at a record low. A lot of people in the market will Deutsche Bank and Lehman bank. The Deutsche Bank (blue) and Lehman (red) price comparison of Deutsche Bank CEO John · Crain (John Cryan) will be held in August 31st and September 1st of the "German Daily" (Handelsblatt) on the eve of the banking forum warned, "the European Central Bank’s monetary policy and strengthen the European economy and Europe the banking system security goal draw further apart." This is perhaps the biggest opposition from Deutsche Bank against the ECB’s unwavering commitment to the minimum interest rate. His most striking warning, however, was not against the European central bank governor, Delaki, but himself. He implicitly hinted that if deutsche bank collapsed, everyone had to follow it down. Bloomberg quoted Crain as saying that he warned the European Central Bank Policy on depositors and pension plans, the fatal consequences, while the company because of uncertainty to curb investment, the demand for loans fell". Germany "business daily" quoted Crain said, "the European Central Bank policy is in jeopardy of extrusion European banking profits, makes it hard for investors to find a profitable investment, and distort financial market price." At the same time, kraines added that European banks did not achieve the desired results. In view of the continuing instability, the company is holding back investment, almost no longer seek loans." He added that it is unacceptable for financial regulators to require banks to strengthen the risk management security line, but that the imposition of punitive rates on their excess reserves is unacceptable. Many people agree with Crain. German savings bank chairman Fanshaw Don (Georg Fahrenschon) said, "the European central bank expected Pan European investment increase did not occur, the structural reforms expected in the affected members of the euro zone did not happen." On the contrary, "he said," because of the huge amount of money injected directly into the market by the European Central Bank, the uncertainty over the euro zone is increasing." Although kharai on相关的主题文章: