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Reference-and-Education I was out taking a walk with my dog when a man on a bike yelled in our direction. Have you seen a black and white cat? Hes white all over and has black paws and one black eye. I replied quickly because I could see the man was deeply distressed as he called out his cats name over and over again. No! But if I find him I will let you know. Thank you! I will leave a sign on the mail box with my name and phone number and a picture of my cat, he yelled from across the street as he once again began peddling frantically and headed for the beginning of the walking and bike trail that was just across the road from my house. I felt bad for him. If I had lost my dog, Gabriel, I would wel.e any help my neighbors would give me to find him. So in the spirit of caring, I looked for the missing cat as we walked, but he was nowhere to be found. Two weeks later Gabriel and I were out early in the morning taking another walk. While we were walking I noticed a black and white cat on a back porch that faced the walking trail meowing at a sliding door of one of the homes. When the cat saw us walking, he stopped what he was doing and followed us home. He then went to my back porch and started meowing. At once the memory of the man on the bike reminded me of the missing cat. I opened the door and the cat walked in. He looked up at my face as if to say, I am the missing cat, help me find my family. Quickly I walked down the street to the mail box. I looked for the sign the man said would be on the mail box, but it was not there! I didnt know where he lived or even his name. He had been in such a hurry to find his missing cat that he hadnt even stopped to talk to me and so I only had a vague description of what he looked like from across the road. I questioned, What am I going to do? How am I going to find the cats owner? Quickly an idea formed. I made a sign on my .puter with the description of the cat and posted it on all the mailboxes in the neighborhood and I prayed for a miracle. The next day I received a phone call from a woman who had a very sad story to tell. Her missing cat had a sister. Ten days after Gresham the missing cat was losted, his sister stopped eating and died of a broken heart. Fearing that Gresham was dead too, the owner took all the signs off the mailboxes and stopped praying that her missing cat would be found. She continued, Today is Greshams thirteenth birthday. My daughter and I will be at your house in twenty minutes. We are so afraid that it wont be him. I took the lost cat in my arms and I walked outside waiting for their arrival. Within minutes mother and daughter pulled up in the drive way and ran towards me. Quickly they took Gresham into their arms and tears of joy came pouring down their cheeks. Thank you God! the woman proclaimed. Thank you, Linda for caring enough to help us find our lost cat. As they drove away I thanked God for helping me to give them the miracle of having their cat restored to them after he had been lost for two weeks. It was truly a miracle that he wasnt eaten by the coyotes that foraged for food along the bike and walking path. Recently I wrote a book entitled I Want to Know My Future. It is a true story about what happened to me in my life just like the story of Gresham is a true story. My book is a very controversial Christian one because it is about a homosexual couple that God supernaturally rescues because no one else would help them. I plainly tell people of the wondrous miracles God performed in my life. When I wrote about the miracles that took place in my book, I realized from the persecution I suffered that some people probably wouldnt believe my story. The main reasons are because many Christians have been taught to believe that homosexuality is wrong and because many people dont believe that miracles truly exist today. It was a very hard book to write because I had to relive the pain I felt from being abandoned by my family, church and friends. But it is a book that needed to be written. Christians need to know that God made homosexuals too. They need to be equipped with the knowledge that I Want to Know my Future has to offer to those who want to know why they need to stop persecuting homosexual families. Isaiah 45:21-24: .e and present your case in court; let the defendants consult one another. Who predicted long ago what would happen? Was it not I, the Lord, the God who saves his people? There is no other god. Turn to me now and be saved, people all over the world! I am the only God there is. My promise is true, and it will not be changed. I solemnly promise by all that I am: Everyone will .e and kneel before me and vow to be loyal to me. They will say that only through me are victory and strength to be found; but all who hate me will suffer defeat. (The Good News Study Bible) I believe in God! I believe in Miracles! I believe in Miracles because I believe in God. I am a living testimony from what has happened in my own life that God exists. I have personally experienced Gods miracles. I am a testimony to Gods saving power. Gresham the cat is a testament to God and the real live miracle of his rescue. Look at your life and find the miracles. Do you believe in Miracles? I do! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: