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The domestic milk powder into the Hongkong market (people’s livelihood survey? Pay attention to the quality of domestic milk (below)) – Society – Hongkong Mong Kok Bute street a shop stocked with domestic milk. Newspaper reporter Zhang Qingbo photo to see more content to scan two-dimensional code "milk sale in Hong Kong is very good for Hong Kong, the first second batches of milk powder has been sold out, has sold more than half." Liu Senmiao, general manager of Jun Bao milk powder division said. Since entering the Hongkong market in August this year, the sales volume of infant milk powder exceeded expectations. From Hongkong to "grab" foreign milk powder, to domestic milk sales in Hong Kong, this change caused concern, which is behind the domestic dairy industry unremitting self-improvement efforts. 2008 melamine incident, to the dairy industry in Hebei as well as the entire Chinese dairy industry has brought great impact. Domestic milk powder has therefore been questioned, the share of foreign milk powder in the domestic market from 20% in 2008 before the surge was to later than 75%. In order to restore consumer confidence in domestic milk JUNLEBAO in Hebei, as the representative of the local dairy enterprises to adopt more stringent milk standards, strictly drug supervision, and constantly improve the detection system, and strive to more high quality. At present, part of the domestic milk powder has successfully entered the Hongkong market. Milk purity requirements are very demanding, far exceeding the standards into the EU has just put into operation more than two months of JUNLEBAO milk factory, through the glass wall, you can see the whole process of milk production and technical personnel are testing the milk. The plant is open to the whole community, through multi screen surveillance video, visitors can also see the upstream pasture cows feeding, milking real-time. According to Jun Bao dairy milk powder production manager Huang Yafang introduction, the current infant milk powder from all of the self built modern scale ranch, can be achieved from the source to ensure the quality of milk powder. Back then, the cows to the countryside, milk into the city, the development model so that Hebei quickly ranks the ranks of the dairy industry, but the problem is difficult to control the existence of the milk is also a hidden danger of melamine incident. Wei Lihua, President of Lok Lok believes that where to fall, it should stand up from where. The use of self built pasture milk source, can reduce the original milk supply chain intermediate links, so as to eliminate adulteration in the source. Self built ranch in Jun Bao, all cows are imported, milking turntable to achieve full automation. According to Huang Yafang introduced in the pasture environment facilities reached a very high standard, technical team like "wait the month serve as cows". Generally speaking, the United States and the European Union’s detection indicators are considered world-class standards. The number of colonies in milk, for example, the lower the number, indicating that the more pure milk. The United States standard is less than or equal to 500 thousand per milliliter, the EU standard is less than 100 thousand, while the demand for less than 20 thousand. As number of somatic cells, the less the total number of cattle showed more health, milk quality is better. The United States is less than 750 thousand standard, the EU is less than 400 thousand, while the need for less than 200 thousand. Drug level supervision, more than 300 countries after the addition of more than 200 melamine incident, Hebei province has taken a series of extraordinary measures to rectify the dairy industry order. Since then, the province for dairy enterprises,相关的主题文章: