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"Double class" should not become the focus of attention of Chinese universities? [Abstract] China university to become a world-class way, not international competition, not domestic row seating, instead of thinking about how to lead. All over the world, there has been more than half a century has no leading ideas of higher education of the original. At the end of last year, the national deep reorganization meeting examined and adopted the "promote the overall development of the world first-class university and the first-class discipline construction overall plan", coordinated national five year plan of construction period, the construction of world-class universities and disciplines are called "double class". After more than half a year, the Ministry of education official abolished the implementation of the construction of 985, the "211" project documents, from the 1995 launch of the first batch of "project" just 20 years. This means that the Chinese universities will be firmly fixed at several levels of policy support and administrative funding system loosening, about to reshuffle. In the middle of this century, the policy of "double class" has been put into the forefront of the world by the number and strength of first-class universities and first-class disciplines. The visual China data "double top" the significance of the construction of the Chinese has 2595 regular institutions of higher education, "985" 39 "211" universities, 116 universities ("985" university is "211" University), has enrolled in graduate qualifications in Colleges and universities and more than and 600 research institute. In the "985" project as an example, a total of three national funding more than 82 billion yuan (the Central Military Commission, the National University of Defense Technology grant unknown data) Qinghua University and obtained the large, 7 billion 600 million, at least, only 280 million of South China Southern airlines. These data show the Chinese government as the main body of the Pyramid structure of higher education. More importantly, the difference of national funding leveraging the software and hardware conditions, between the introduction of talents, university students, lateral funds, social reputation of the comprehensive strength hundred times opened the gap, the most benefit from the development of the university is like a rocket, shocked the world. This is the first competition, the key breakthrough of resource concentration, differentiated investment policy is China characteristics, after the implementation of the effect is significant, direct to Japan and South Korea, Germany and the European countries, the Singapore government have launched a follow-up of key construction projects of the same type. China put forward the goal of building a "world class university" has been very influential in the international arena, WCU (World Class University) has become a common abbreviation. The "double top" in the continuation of "985" and "211" project consistent state key based on the input to the original not only in the fully cured University stratification is introduced certain variables (although the general pattern can not change, the same level, the same stimulus) don’t university a new round of competition, but also to keep pace with the times in the university the quality standard set eyes. Stable policy is usually good for many years after the execution will always be more rigid and lost vitality, the game space policy loopholes will be gradually opened. So, as a national higher education policy, "985" and "211", "double curtain class" inheritance launch not only beneficial, it is necessary to. Class is difficult to quantify the matter may be related to the investment of billions of double class policy:相关的主题文章: