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A drink of it, could enhance the resistance of the discharge of hazardous substances and the Sohu… – because blood oranges rich in vitamin C, can enhance the body resistance, can also be fat soluble and harmful substances excreted, is worthy of the name of security Kang antioxidants. When the blood orange met Kimberley, a vibrant drink was born, in such a hot weather, it is unable to stop the rise of Kinbali ~ knowledge (Campah) is produced by Italy famous wine, according to a century ago in Milan and Italy in the development of the original recipe brewed. In the selection of good wine mixed with spices, so that they play a aromatic alcohol. This natural combination of materials, to create a wonderful taste, aroma and color. But it is not an ordinary wine, but has a unique personality, self-confidence and distinctive drinks, the bright red color to make it more The brightness dazzles the eyes. warlords. The formula to 160 ml of Campari 120 ml blood Orange Juice 1 oranges (decoration) the amount of ice do slightly up to a glass filled with ice; add Campari and blood Orange Juice in the glasses, fast shake. Slice the orange, take a piece of it as a decoration, and then insert a straw to complete! The workshop, Todd map, delicacy相关的主题文章: