Drive a Ford gift way to help you win the European Rui Travel Awards ghost observer

Drive a Ford gift way to help you win the European Rui Travel Awards European charm, Rui unstoppable, a two day summit G20 perfect ending, as the G20 summit designated car business, Ford Rui way to Europe and then zoom trick, the grand launch of "drive to win 4999 yuan Travel Awards" activities! You drive, I gifts, Jiangling Ford from the 4S store test list from 5 lucky, Ultra Luxury Travel Awards waiting for you to get! During the period from September 1st to September 30th, interested friends can understand this event by Ford WeChat, MY Rui Europe transit official JMC website, Ford transit Rui Europe 4S shop, and fill in the relevant information to enroll in the test drive, there is a chance to win 4999 yuan of Tourism Fund award. Sincere invite, happy all the way, the way Ford Rui invites you to go back to Europe will you pick any twenty country, G20! Note: the final interpretation of all Jiangling Automobile Sales co.. The way Ford Rui Ou since listing, has always been courteous, where to shop tours car users are given a fine custom U disk in drive, can enjoy the individuality practical THERMOS cup, the order is available to senior German trunk Rimowa. Today, while the G20 Hangzhou summit, Ford Rui way to Europe and then boom, carefully prepared for your test! Comfortable and quiet large space overall leading level, energy saving and environmental protection of the people, power saving, safety and rich technology configuration reveals the innovation and evolution of European MPV Ford full way Rui ou, as soon as he came, they subvert the traditional business MPV driving experience. Now, not only can experience the charm of Europe is so outstanding, as well as the chance to win multiple gifts, Why not?? The world is so big, I want to go out to see, why not, without using field force, just move a finger, a trip, is no longer an idea in the mind, the way Ford Rui new business aviation Europeanization, help you dream, what are you waiting for?相关的主题文章: