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Dental-Care Effective dental hygiene can be achieved with regular brushing, good flossing and general health care of the mouth. This requires some work, learning to brush correctly. Removing particles from between the teeth you will either need to use a toothpick or preferably dental floss as regular brushing does not always do the trick. Particles left between the teeth can cause decay to the teeth. The other aspect to consider if you do not effectively clean your mouth, bacteria can build up and cause illness. The alternative to a regular toothbrush is an electric one; there are two types of electric toothbrushes, the oscillo-rotary and the sonic care toothbrush. The oscillo-rotary is easy to use effective in removing plaque which causes bacteria. This is a rotating brush, the bristle area is round, its easy to use, operates easily just press a button hold is against the tooth and it will rotate brushing each tooth effectively. You need to know how to use it correctly as incorrect usage could cause abrasion on the enamel and the gums to retract. The sonic care toothbrush works differently, it works by vibration, is designed with a regular brush method. It is effective at activating fluid thus removing deposits left on the teeth. Because of its adapted brushing technique it minimizes the risk of abrasion. It has the added advantage of reducing tooth staining caused by heavy coffee and tea drinkers, and smokers. It is very effective at whitening teeth, and leaves a polished finish that you cant get unless your spend hundreds of dollars at your dentist. It has been clinically tested and is claimed that your teeth will be whiter within 28 days. Sonic care toothbrush heads should be replaced at least once a month. To prevent abrasion to the tooth enamel you should choose a soft bristle. The sonic care toothbrush is able to reach those hard to get at places, and is capable of cleaning food particles that are stuck between gum and teeth and even between the teeth. Some models of the sonic care toothbrush have interesting accessories. One is a timer that can indicate the duration of brushing, ad indicator that will automatically block off the oscillations for a few seconds if the user presses the brush too hard against the tooth, or gum area. One other feature that is important is that some sonic care toothbrushes .e .plete with a sanitizer, which is important to ensure that your brush remains bacteria free. Regular brushed harbor bacteria between the bristles which are transferred to the mouth. Placing the sonic care toothbrush inside the sanitizing unit, one press of a button, the toothbrush head is sanitized. Using ultraviolet rays it sanitizes and cleans your brush head to the clinical standards of a hospital. Sonic care toothbrushes usually .e with a .pact charger which allows you to recharge your unit; they have a green indicator light which tracks the level of the charge, and a yellow light that will .e on when the battery needs to be recharged. Neglecting your teeth is a costly experience, dental care, treatment and eventually dentures are expensive. Taking good care and effective dental hygiene, using a sonic care toothbrush will effectively help eliminate tooth decay remove bacteria from the mouth, leave your teeth sparkling clean and even whiter. Who can afford to allow neglect to their teeth, regular care and using a sonic care toothbrush will prolong the life of your teeth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: