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Elderly winter disease " killer "! Simple a move away from the threat of hypothermia – Sohu health "overlord" cold wave struck the! The central meteorological station two bursts of cold orange signal warning! From yesterday, Chinese are more "silent" on both sides of the Changjiang River I of Sichuan also spared winds today in Chengdu was the highest temperature plummeted nearly 10 degrees as the saying goes: "the old man." Cool days, suffer the most than the old man. A lot of people think, for the elderly, winter is a year in the "jump", especially for the elderly, sick or died in the probability of winter are higher than other seasons. Seasons change, for the elderly is really so terrible? Today, fourth experts from the West China Hospital of Geriatrics, the two experts tell us, what is the biggest threat to the elderly in winter? In the winter, the elderly how to avoid them? The elderly "killer" ranking in cerebrovascular disease accounted for nearly 20% of yesterday is Monday morning, the elderly ward Fourth Hospital of Sichuan University Huaxi duty phone bell had not stopped: elderly patients with cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, cold have a fever continuously coming in hospital, has been discharged and returned to the doctor for the elderly and families also back and forth. "The elderly winter is more likely to get sick," Xiong Hai doctors, heart, brain, lung, digestive system disease, diabetes, and psychological problems (insomnia), these are troubled by the health of the elderly common geriatric disease. And every autumn, spring and winter cold weather with the intersection of senile chronic disease exacerbation due to hospitalized patients in particular, "we, the winter patients hospitalized for a third more than summer." Which endangers the life of old people the main three kinds of chronic disease, cerebrovascular disease, chronic lower respiratory diseases and cardiovascular disease are the weather changes are directly related to the sea bear doctor said the three major chronic diseases has been firmly in the forefront in the elderly "killer" list, just slightly different order statistics every year. In recent years, cerebrovascular disease has more than cardiovascular disease, the elderly become the number one problem". Doctor Wang Airu said that in the winter, cerebrovascular disease led to stroke than other chronic diseases bring greater harm to the elderly, because once it happened, mortality and disability rates are high, ranking first in all of the chronic diseases of the old people, "after a stroke, about 3/4 of the patients have different degree disability." Why is it difficult for old people to spend the winter? "Low temperature" is the culprit in the summer, it is obvious that the elderly have a very good control of blood pressure, one to the winter, "one punch difficult"? Why in the summer, when the old man can eat and run, but only a bed in winter stroke? "All of these ‘winter disease’ roots, are caused by low temperature on the blood vessels," Xiong Hai doctor, with the growth of age, the elderly will generally occur arteriosclerosis, vascular elasticity is relatively low. Under the stimulation of low temperature, it will cause the blood vessels to "stress contraction", blood相关的主题文章: