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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Pesky insects have an uncanny ability to ruin a summer evening spent outdoors. People often chose to kill these bugs by using smelly sprays or by using ineffective fly swatters. However, bug zappers go a long way in effectively killing flying insects. These electrical machines help alleviate the frustration and disgust when dealing with flying insects while outdoors. These traps look like metal boxes or rectangles. They use electricity to operate and most of them need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Once the trap is plugged into an outdoor outlet or connected by an extension cord to an indoor outlet, a person can hang it by doors or by windows to help get rid of bugs that might be trying to get in to the building. These buildings can include houses, sheds, and barns. These machines use fluorescent or ultraviolet lights to attract bugs to the box. Once it attempts to reach the light, the insect flies into the trap’s grid. The grid then delivers a powerful jolt of electricity and kills the pest. The dead bug then falls onto the box’s floor. While the electrical outdoor models are most popular, there are now handheld zappers available. These portable machines .e in handy during camping or fishing trips when electrical outlets might not be available. The amount of voltage contained within the trap’s grid is substantial. As much as two thousand volts can be delivered by the grid to any one insect. Such power ensures that most bugs will be killed instantly when they fly into the grid. Only female mosquitoes escape this danger. These particular mosquitoes are small enough to avoid detection. A zapper cannot kill a female mosquito. Annoying flying bugs can be controlled by an electronic bug zapper. Having one of these machines near a door, window, or placed strategically on the porch or patio can go a long way in avoiding some of the worst flying pests. These machines are safe to use at any location in a person’s house or yard. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: