Express single sale industry chain exposure full range of personal information can be purchased 2 yu

Express a single sale of industrial chain: complete exposure of personal information can get 2 yuan in August 28th, 6 suspects in Shandong Linyi prospective college students Xu Yuyu case were all arrested. Although the matter comes to an end, but the resulting discussion on the disclosure of personal information continues. In fact, the network information era, many channels of personal privacy leakage, in addition to student grants and other student data, more common is the use of high courier information. The waybill contains a lot of personal information after receiving the delivery, many people have the habit of using personal information will be blacked out on courier waybill covering to protect personal privacy. However, the Nandu reporter survey found that the move seems necessary, in fact, no use. Courier waybill after receipt, sorting, business entry and other aspects, many times already leaked personal information, and is selling online. Chaos: express a single number can be self purchase before the Nandu reporters through an Internet search for "express a single number found in many related QQ group introduction, are pointing to the same home express a single self purchase website. The net sales of the home page, divided into single Hall, batch purchase orders and air bag bottom single area. In order to recharge the hall, from the purchase order, buyers will be self completed, and according to the delivery address, express delivery time and type selection to purchase express order types. Nandu reporter noted that almost every 15 minutes will express a single number of updated. The price of each data, according to the amount of one-time buyers different. For example, ordinary members asking for 0.8 yuan a single, one-time charge 20 yuan can be 3 months of VIP, each data 0.5 yuan; one-time recharge more than 100 yuan, not only can become a member, enjoy preferential 0.3 yuan per unit, can also become the agent, enjoy the promotion commission. Therefore, there are a lot of people dedicated to absorb new members stationed in single express group, to earn 50% commission. In order to improve the success rate, these sellers will usually suggest that single shipping address is a popular city in the country, etc.. In addition, according to the website, sales express number divided into "scan number" and "non scanning number". The former refers to express a single information has been input into the courier company’s website, the Internet can be found, the latter refers to the courier has taken part in the hand, but also will not express website information input number. In order to verify the accuracy of the Nandu express order, reporters try to buy a number of several different courier companies have been scanned, the corresponding website one query, have confirmed that indeed this single. However, in order to avoid the risk of the site was closed, the self purchase express order information is not complete, such as no sender name and phone number, address only roughly to transceiver provinces. According to the Nandu reporter, express a single market formation, initially with Taobao brush drill on demand. The so-called "brush drill" is the seller and the buyer through false transactions to raise their credibility, improve their praise. As the volume of transactions Taobao shop must have real logistics information, so, some shop owners have to buy single express demand. In addition, in order to guard against Taobao checks, and sometimes the seller will buy courier empty package, that is, the real blank fast.相关的主题文章: