Father died cremation son sued the sisters right deprivation of condolence (video) 9c8921

Father died cremation son sued the siblings deprived of condolence right as the more than 80 year old old father just died cremation, but the son Yizhisuzhuangjiang sisters to court. The eldest sisters conceal his father died the news at. Although the eldest son tone of grief, but the biological father died son how ignorant? Yesterday afternoon, Wujiang District People’s court circuit court in the old father living in the village of money in a public hearing and in court for sentencing the personality rights disputes. In June this year, who lives in Wujiang li man Qianmou died of illness, family funeral for the elderly, Ting three days after cremation. More than 10 days old after cremation, the old man son a lot of money to their sister, brother, sister, brother-in-law to court, said the four defendants did not notice his father died, in the case without the elderly cremation. According to a lot of money said he is aware that his father had died in second days after the cremation of the father. He believes that the sisters and their family members violated his condolences, and to pay tribute to mourning rights to the remains of his father, in violation of the folk customs, causing serious mental anguish to him. A large amount of money requires the court to make an apology to the four defendants and compensate for the mental solatium of forty thousand yuan. However, the two sides in court, a money two daughters accused brother in his father was seriously ill during the so-called dark indifferent, just dumb. In the trial, the girls in the office that old father mourning for three days, a lot of money, living in the village. A lot of money from a funeral money is only about 200 meters. During the period of condolence, the family will do things and set off firecrackers, the movement is very big, the neighbors of the villagers to condole, big money can not know. A big old mother as witnesses, statements in his wife was seriously ill, the doctor told his son to sign the notice, but the money refused, also claimed that "Whoever sign", and the mobile phone shutdown. Big money argued that the doctor said that the doctor did contact himself, but there was no notification of the disease. In fact, the old man has two sons and two daughters of a money, money is the eldest son. More than 30 years ago, Qian and his two sons were separated, six old houses, three rooms each got two. Not long after, the second son died, leaving a daughter and grandparents living. At the end of 2014, the granddaughter built a house on Grandpa’s homestead. Big money thinks that niece demolished his old house when building a house. Big money came to stop, and the old father and other conflicts. The following September, and a lot of money together with his son to house the walls smashed. A month later, the old father brought the money to court and demanded restitution. After the court mediation, his father finally withdraw the lawsuit. However, a big old mother and two sisters are reflected in 2014 after a court will no longer care for their parents. In early 2016, until his father passed away, the big money kept ignoring his parents. The judge held that the great money, as a son, should have the right to respect, say goodbye and condole with his father’s body on the basis of consanguinity. But this right also includes obligations. The great money did not fulfill the duty of support, care and consolation in the life of his father. At the same time, the old man told his wife that a lack of filial piety, after the death of don’t need him to take care of. After his death, his wife and the four defendants respected their wishes and did not actively notify the big money, and there was nothing wrong with it. In father’s money

老父去世火化 儿子状告同胞姐妹剥夺吊唁权八十多岁的老父亲刚去世火化,儿子却一纸诉状将同胞姐妹告上法庭。长子怒斥姐妹隐瞒父亲病故的消息。虽然长子语气悲痛,但亲生父亲去世儿子怎会毫不知情?昨天下午,吴江区人民法院巡回法庭在老父亲钱某生前居住的村里公开开庭审理并当庭宣判这起人格权纠纷案件。今年6月,家住吴江黎里的老人钱某因病去世,家人为老人操办丧事,停灵三天后进行遗体火化。老人火化后十多天,老人大儿子大钱将自己的姐姐、姐夫、妹妹、妹夫告上法庭,称四名被告在未通知其父病故、情况下,擅自将老人遗体火化。据大钱说,自己是在父亲火化后的第二天才知道父亲已经病故。他认为,自己的姐妹及家人侵犯了他对父亲遗体进行吊唁、瞻仰及以此寄托哀思的权利,违反了民间风俗,给他造成极其严重的精神痛苦。大钱要求法院判决四被告向其赔礼道歉,同时赔偿其精神抚慰金四万元。然而双方对簿公堂时,钱某的两个女儿指责兄弟在父亲病重期间不闻不问,所谓的毫不知情只是装聋作哑。庭审中,女儿们认为,在办老父亲丧事的三天里,大钱就住在村里。大钱的家距离办丧事的钱某家只有约200米。吊唁期间家中会做法事、放鞭炮,动静很大,左邻右舍的村民都来吊唁,大钱不可能不知道。大钱的老母亲也作为证人出庭,陈述在老伴病重时,医生告知需儿子签病危通知书,但大钱不肯,还扬言“随便谁签”,并把手机关机。大钱辩称,母亲说的那次医生确实联系过自己,但没发病危通知。其实,老人钱某育有二子二女,大钱是长子。三十多年前,钱某与两个儿子分家,六间老屋,三房各得两间。没过多久,次子去世,留下一个女儿和爷爷奶奶生活。2014年底,孙女在爷爷宅基地上建房。大钱认为,侄女建房时拆除他的一间老房。大钱前来阻止,还与老父亲等冲突。次年9月,大钱又带儿子一起把房子的围墙砸坏。一个月后,老父亲把大钱告上法院,要求恢复原状。经法院调解,父亲最终还是撤诉了。然而大钱的老母亲和姐妹两家都反映,2014年对簿公堂后大钱就不再对父母尽孝。2016年初直至父亲过世,大钱一直都对父母不闻不问。法官经审理认为,大钱作为儿子,基于血缘关系本应享有对父亲遗体瞻仰、告别、吊唁的权利。但这份权利中也包含义务。大钱在父亲生前并未尽到经济上供养、生活上照料、精神上抚慰的赡养义务。同时,老人生前曾向老伴表示大钱不孝、死后不需要他照管。过世后,老伴及四被告尊重其遗愿未主动通知大钱,并无不妥。在父亲钱某生前无人强行阻碍大钱履行赡养义务,在父亲死后也无人故意隐瞒消息或强行阻碍其瞻仰、吊唁父亲。综上认为,四被告参与办理钱某的丧事并无过错,不能认定侵犯大钱的权利。大钱要求四被告赔礼道歉、赔偿精神损害抚慰金,理据不足,不予支持。法庭当庭驳回大钱的诉讼请求。【法官说法】《中华人民共和国婚姻法》规定子女对父母有赡养扶助的义务,家庭成员间应敬老爱幼、互相帮助。在父母生前尽到赡养义务,尽自己所能多陪伴父母、照料父母。与父母或手足间有矛盾也应保持冷静,理智的协商解决,而不是互相为敌,甚至互相诽谤败坏对方名誉。(文中人物均为化名)扩展阅读: 四个中年人参加葬礼,不为吊唁,只有一个不良目的! (视频与文章无关,仅供参考)相关的主题文章: