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Health Perfect mattresses aren’t always the ones that cost the most. They’re also probably not the type of mattresses that your rich uncle shows off all the time. It’s widely know that we spend 1/3 of our life in bed, so why should we skimp on such an important investment? Why not spend the time and money to invest in the best mattress for our budgets? We should take our time and find what is the most .fortable for us… a mattress that feels like it’s going to give us an excellent night’s rest! Let’s stop to think about what qualities good mattresses have. First, you want to check to see how the mattress is built. What type of coil system does it have? The three most .mon systems are the bonnell coil system, continuous coil system, and independent coil system. When purchasing a mattress, consumers tend to look at the independent coil system, but some are turned off by the cost. The independent coil system is the most re.mended by doctors as it gives you excellent back support. While your shoulders and rear are pushing down in one area of the mattress, the coils are pushing up on your lower back in the space between. The continuous coil system has coils that run from head to toe creating a network of coils. Because your shoulders are pushing on the same coils as your rear and feet, you create a straighter sleeping surface – which isn’t good for your back. The most .mon coil system is the bonnell coil system, where the coils are shaped like hour glasses. This system can be found in lower end beds which can usually be found at a Sam’s club, or a Wal-Mart. Paying attention to the coil count in addition to the coil system is a good idea. Higher quality mattresses usually have a large coil count. It’s also a good idea to not forget to check to see how many working turns the mattress has either. Never go by just one feature; like 900 coils and two working turns. Consumers tend to think the larger the number of coils, the better the mattress will be… but that’s not always the case. A good queen mattress would have 600-800 coils and maybe five or six working turns. That’s a good .bination for .fort as well as durability. Many shoppers of mattresses in this day and age wonder, "Where have the models that you can flip gone"? Dr. There are less and less flippable mattresses on the market today, Alex Klichkov tells us. For starters, there are certainly issues with hygiene in regard to mattresses that are regularly being turned over. Dr. Klichkov, RDH, a hygiene doctor says, "With the dead skin cells, dust particles, dirt and dander concentrated on both sides of your mattress, your little dust mites don’t have far to travel for lunch. More dust and dirt could lead to potentially more allergy issues. People that are affected by these things may want to consult their physician or salesman to help them maintain or buy a cleaner one sided mattress." Dr Alex Klichkov also states, "If a one-sided mattress has a surface that is damaged or soiled and you just flip it as an alternative, you may very well just have to live with the hole your dog dug and sleep in it." The surface stain you could not remove is unsanitary, and by flipping the mattress you’re not solving the problem, but covering it up. These are just a few reasons why the mattress manufacturers have made a turn from making double-sided mattresses to the no-flip models you see in showrooms nationwide. Your "perfect mattress" can only be found by going to a local mattress store. Find styles that are the most .fortable for you. Once that’s done, you can narrow your selection down to maybe two or three different brands, and that’s when you can start to use your mattress knowledge to determine which one to buy. Also, don’t forget that price isn’t everything. You may find a mattress for $800 and it might provide for your basic needs, but you may find a $1500 mattress that you .e to find gives you the best .fort and superior support. Just keep in mind that you spend one third of your life in bed! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: