Four visitors to park for the first time real time statistics; big data — Beijing tourists di

Four visitors to   park for the first time real time statistics; "big data" — Beijing tourists diversion channel — original title: four for the first time visitors park real time statistics Beijing morning news (chief reporter Cui Hong) during the National Day this year, the the Summer Palace, Tiantan, Beijing zoo, fragrant Hill four municipal park will be the first real time statistics "in the park, park, park visitors, the number of" big data "regulation of diversion of tourists. Beijing City Park Management Center predicts that during the national day, 11 municipal parks and Chinese Garden Museum are expected to receive 3 million 600 thousand visitors, the highest peak appeared in from October 2nd to 4th. Visitors are advised to "peak heating avoidance" garden. The safety of the city park management center emergency department said that during the national day, the Summer Palace, Tiantan, the Beijing zoo and the Xiangshan Park run "approved, statistics, publishing, counseling" four in one of the tourist flow system, realize the Holiday Park Park Park, traffic information, real-time acquisition, query and statistics in the park "and released. Relevant staff said that through the acquisition of the park door area and part of the tourist information center view data, can acquire the visitors flow trend, so as to advance to take diversion, limiting, one-way traffic control and other effective measures, to ensure the safety of tourists and comfort garden. It is reported that the previous statistics the number of parks, mainly depends on the number of tickets, park test tallies, because a lot of people of the city holds a ticket, so the number of statistical accuracy rate is low and there is a certain lag, the new system according to the number of people using 3D statistics, face location statistics, the accuracy rate reached 98%, which reflects the real-time flow of tourists, launched the emergency timely measures. Next year’s national day, other municipal parks will also adopt real-time statistical system. During the national day, a total of 52 parks were set up in the city park headquarters. The 43 gate areas all start "admission security", Zhongshan Park and Garden Museum implement "character check"; on the basis of the original 157 ticket window, add window, temporary ticket car 74, ensure the peak period ticket window all open, avoid tourists stranded. (commissioning editor Chen Yinuo and Gao Xing) 四家公园首次实时统计游客量 “大数据”导流游客–北京频道–人民网 原标题:四家公园首次实时统计游客量   北京晨报讯(首席记者 崔红)今年国庆期间,颐和园、天坛、北京动物园、香山等四家市属公园将首次实时统计“入园、在园、出园”游客数量,利用“大数据”调控导流游客。   北京市公园管理中心预测,国庆节期间,市属11家公园和中国园林博物馆预计接待游客360万人次,最高峰出现在10月2日至4日。建议游客 “错峰避热”游园。   市公园管理中心安全应急处介绍说,国庆期间,颐和园、天坛、北京动物园及香山公园运行“核定、统计、发布、疏导”四位一体的游客流量系统,实现假日公园客流信息“入园、出园、在园”的实时采集、查询、统计和发布。相关工作人员表示,通过采集公园门区及部分核心景区的游客数据信息,可获知游客人流量的走势,以便有针对性地提前采取分流、限流、单行等有效措施调控客流量,确保游客安全和游园舒适度。   据悉,往年统计在园人数,主要依靠售票数、公园验票数统计,由于不少本市市民持有年票,因此人数统计准确率较低且有一定滞后性,新系统按人头统计,利用3D人像定位统计,准确率达到98%,可实时反映游客流量,及时启动应急措施。明年国庆节期间,其他市属公园也将全部采用实时统计系统。   国庆节期间,市属公园共设立52处游园分指挥部。43个门区全部启动“入园安检”,中山公园及园博馆实施“人物同检”;在原有157个售票窗口的基础上,增加窗口、临时售票车74处,保证高峰时段售票窗口全部开放,避免游客聚集滞留。 (责编:陈一诺、高星)相关的主题文章: