Full time non – full-time study will be the same as the effectiveness of uniform standards douke

Full-time part-time research will be unified standard certificate effect same – Beijing Times News (reporter Ren Shan) JINGWAH released "on the co-ordination of full-time and part-time graduate management work notice" on the general office of the Ministry of education, full-time and part-time graduate admission examination will perform the same policies and standards, both certificate and diploma the same effect. The full-time and part-time graduate students to make a clear definition. Full-time graduate students including through the graduate entrance examination or other entrance way to national recognition, has been the implementation of higher school graduate education qualifications or other educational institutions in the provision of basic admission, length of schooling or school life, study in school full-time students. The part-time graduate student is with implementation of graduate education qualifications or other educational institutions enrolled in the school within the prescribed length of schooling, in other occupation or social practice at the same time, adopt various ways and flexible schedules of the part-time students learning. From 2017 onwards, the Ministry of education will be full-time and part-time two categories were prepared and issued a national doctoral program, Graduate Enrollment plan. Full time and non full time graduate students will perform the same policies and standards. Each training unit brochures should open learning methods, length of schooling, fees and school location information. According to the form of learning and the characteristics of the students, the training units can make the training plan, but they must adhere to the same standard to ensure the same quality. Non full time graduate education will be included in the scope of the assessment of degree authorization, non graduate degree thesis will be included in the scope of sampling. When they graduate, they have the same legal status and the same effect. It is reported that the new management approach will be "the new new approach, the old ways", on November 30, 2016 before the students admitted according to the original provisions; on December 1, 2016 after students admitted to full-time and part-time form of distinction.相关的主题文章: