Gao Hongbo unveiled the old League 20 minutes smile in response to the fans (video)

Gao Hongbo unveiled the old League A played 20 minutes in response to the fans [Photos] smile Gao Hongbo conference announced the resignation of thanks for the support to national football better sports Tencent November 3rd (Wen Li Xu) 2016 "old League A" this afternoon officially started, a A era legend who gathered at the Jiangwan stadium. One of the most striking is the former national coach Gao Hongbo, which is his first public appearance after retiring. As the old Shenhua memory is an integral part of the Jiangwan Shanghai football stadium to witness the rise of the ten year, a A era this year old teams will compete for the League A in this field on the champion. Once the number of names of all columns, Hao Haidong, Wei Qun, Peng Weiguo, peak…… It even includes Gao Hongbo, which was his first public appearance since he left the country. In addition to the players, and the team coach, Jin Zhiyang Yu Dongfeng, the old coach also came to the scene. Gao Hongbo sought to start the first leg of the contest in the afternoon, Beijing against Sichuan. Gao Hongbo represented Beijing in the first stage, is still that familiar with the number 18. Although only played 20 minutes, but compared to some fat peers, Gao Hongbo’s physical condition obviously good, running positive, technical movements are pretty good. After being benched, Gao Hongbo was wearing a coat sitting on the sidelines, turned from time to time with the people around to talk to open a few jokes. This competition is each half 30 minutes, finally to Beijing 1 than 2 opponents. Such a game, the result is clearly not important. The referee after the whistle, Gao Hongbo went to the site, and old friends say hello, then to the room accompanied by the staff. As early as before the game in Beijing, the Organizing Committee informed that, in addition to the team with reporters outside the team any player does not accept any media interviews. After the game, a reporter came to the side of Gao Hongbo asked again in the old A debut feelings, but also did not wait for the parties to open, it was stopped by the staff to accept any interview. Gao Hongbo also polite response, sorry. But in the face of enthusiasm for the old fans, Gao Hongbo kept smiling and fans posed for the fans to send the album also responded. In the face of the continuous influx of fans, Gao Hongbo smiled and comforted: do not worry, tomorrow will come."相关的主题文章: