Girls eat eggs choke trachea miss gold rescue time suffocation sexhu

Girls eat egg choking miss the golden rescue time died of suffocation comic figure original title: Qingdao 3 and a half year old girls eat egg choking death miss the golden rescue time of 22 days, the Qilu Evening News · Qilu one reporter learned that a 3 year old half of girls in Qingdao to eat fried egg at home, accidentally choke into the the respiratory tract, egg debris in the child’s door card and the trachea, tracheal blockage causes the child suffocation, panicked parents send their children to the hospital emergency, but because the child finally missed emergency prime time, unfortunately died of suffocation. "We also feel very sorry, good child so no." Speaking on the morning of 22 admissions for girls, women and children’s hospital emergency department medical staff told reporters in Qingdao city. According to reports, the 22 day morning, the castle of a 3 and a half years old girl at home to eat fried egg, accidentally choke into the airway, the family quickly dialed 120, send their children to Qingdao women and children hospital. "When the child has almost no heartbeat and breath, the whole face is grey." Qingdao city hospital emergency department director Xu Jing told reporters, according to reports, the 120 emergency personnel in the way children hospital, the first time the tracheal intubation for children in the car, "120 staff called intubation when his throat, door is full of egg scraps." Qilu Evening News · Qilu one reporter learned that the child was sent to the hospital, the emergency department medical staff quickly do CPR, tracheal intubation and a series of rescue measures to rescue the child, "1.5 hours, but unfortunately, the children finally stopped breathing and heartbeat." Xu Jing introduction. Half an hour before the child suddenly alive and kicking is gone, let this child’s parents to accept. According to the child’s parents, the child two days and some cold have a fever, 22 early in the morning, the family wanted to take her to see a doctor, fry an egg before breakfast to the child, who knows the child eating suddenly nausea, asphyxia, unknown so the family had panicked, and no give the child to take emergency measures to stay at home for nearly 20 minutes only to call 120 hospital. Although the hospital to rescue, but still failed to save the child’s life. "It’s too late for the baby."." Xu Jing said, "this is typical of the children with foreign body in trachea, tracheal foreign body incidence rate is not high, but the event is deadly, because foreign cards at the fork in the children’s door and trachea, affect the child’s breathing, oxygen breathing in carbon dioxide discharged out, the child will have a short period of time may suffocate death." Xu Jing told reporters. So, once encountered this situation, how should first aid? Xu Jing introduced to the infant, once the occurrence of tracheal foreign body, parents should immediately send their children head down, beat the child’s back with the palm of your hand; for adults, the most effective measure is "Heim like emergency law", is to let the responders from behind by patients, both hands make a fist with one hand and the other hand clenched fist hand, suddenly from the waist to put pressure on the upper abdomen, force enough to choking people off the ground, so that patients with chest operation相关的主题文章: