Guardiola is the gift of the British left back to the Nou Camp Tucao is a big

Guardiola: Nokamp is the gift of the British left Tucao is a big problem in Guardiola has led the Bayern return to the Champions League team Nokamp in this season’s draw, Basa (official data) and Manchester (data) group. In October 19th, Manchester City will visit Nokamp against Barcelona, Guardiola will be visiting team coach identity, the second time Nokamp stadium. Recently in an interview with Catalonia radio station "Tot Costa" interview, Guardiola expressed his excitement, he thinks is "a gift to return to the Nou camp". Guardiola has led Bayern to go back to the Nou Camp · "to me, returned to the Camp Nou as is a gift. If you ask me if I look forward to leading the visitors back to Barcelona home court, I can only reply that this is the result of a lottery." Guardiola says so. Barcelona in the summer signing six new signings, the main state is also good, Guardiola praise words: "we will face one of the best club, Barcelona striker strength is There is nothing comparable to this. At the same time, Enrique also made great efforts in defense, I hope he can complete his contract with the team in the Nou camp. Monchengladbach’s strength is also very strong, we must begin to fight from the group phase, otherwise it is difficult to qualify." This season, Guardiola came to Manchester City from Bayern, he also revealed his first Manchester pressure: "just took over the team, a lot of things very difficult, very complex, huge workload. Fortunately, the players for my requirements and ideas can be quickly understood, which makes me feel good, Manchester City’s work atmosphere is also very good." Former teammate Freemasonry Guardiola style is very distinctive, the media and fans for Manchester City to control the game is full of expectations, "the fans are looking forward to a wonderful game, when the team to speed up the pace, there will be more scoring opportunities, will give opponents enough pressure. At this time, the fans will be more emotional, but also more unity." In September 10th, Manchester City will face Manchester United at Old Trafford, for the upcoming Manchester derby, Guardiola is reluctant to make too much evaluation, just think: "it will be a very difficult game, but since the Premier League, will inevitably encounter such challenges." At the end of the interview, melon Shuai also unexpectedly Tucao his daily problems encountered in the United Kingdom: I came to the UK, the biggest problem is the left side of the road!"相关的主题文章: