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"Half" sequel it Naoki Ze most people look forward to the fall of Japanese TOP5 many users are busy recently and Shuabing rumor, first pass "half" sequel to Ze Naoki premiered in October, see the official inactivity, the media have also jumped out of the rumor. The fall of drama as well as less than 1 months is going to start, although there is no "half Ze" starring Yui Aragaki Naoki, but diffuse change drama "escape from" shameful but useful and Yuki Amami cooking chef: "Samsung" Miho Kanno and Nanako Matsushima school meals, the whole "sand tower" and other works: all the neighbors all the attention, ready to catch what the pro? [Japanese media survey: most people look forward to the autumn drama] (survey: Japanese college students) first: "stick with" Fifteenth season 16.1% "I have been in the chase, waiting to say." "Boys are 21 years old, junior, junior college." I love this series." (boy 24 year old graduate student) "the story is handsome."." (my sister is 20 years old) "I chase every season."." (a 19 year old woman) starring Mizutani Toyo "stick with" the latest series, water valley with his partner Takashi Sorimachi as cool. This series has always been prosperous. Second: brave, Yan and seven people led by the third season 13.3% "I am a brave fan of Yan Yan."." (sister 21). "The first two seasons were fun." (19 year old woman 2) "I want to see this kind of low cost but high quality." (20 year old girl 3) "I love to see the night." (male 18 years old, short College) starring Yamada Takayuki, low cost is super funny, is considered to be the game control must. Second place (juxtaposition): "Doctor-X" Season 4 13.3% "I love all the people coming in."." (boy 23 years old) "I love this series. I’ve seen it before."." (boy 24 years old) "every season is very pleasant."." My sister is 21 years old. "I’m a medical student." (boy 21 years old) Ryoko Yonekura’s mantra: "I’m not going to fail."." Very famous, and the ratings are high every season. Article 4: "don’t miss" 6% "and" peach clover "Momoda Kanako in this drama." (19 year old woman 2) "now the morning show are very nice, I am full of expectations." (my sister is 18 years old), "my university is now the leading role of the alma mater, there are photos of our university students at the end of the film." (girl 21 years old 4) "I just look at the morning show." (22 year old Japanese woman 4) people love to chase the morning show, every drama actor would concern. Fifth place: "shore island Loveisover" second season 5.6% "I like" shore island "." (boy 19 years old 2) "this play makes me move."." (sister 24 years old graduate student) "shore island"

《半泽直树》续集呢 最让人期待的秋季日剧TOP5   很多网友最近都忙着刷屏和辟谣,一开始传《半泽直树》续集要在10月开播,看官方没动静,媒体们也蹦出来辟谣了。秋季日剧还有不到1个月的时间就要开播了,虽然没有《半泽直树》,但新垣结衣主演的漫改剧《逃避可耻却有用》与天海佑希做饭的《主厨:三星校餐》,菅野美穗与松岛菜菜子斗法的《砂之塔:无所不知的邻居》等作品都受到关注,亲准备好追哪部了吗? [日媒调查:最让人期待的秋季日剧](调查对象:日本大学生) 第1位:《相棒》第15季16.1%   “我一直都在追,超级期待的说。”(男生 21岁 短大、专科)   “我喜欢这个系列。”(男生 24岁 研究生)   “故事很帅气。”(妹子 20岁 大二)   “我每一季都会追。”(妹子 19岁 大一)   水谷丰主演的《相棒》系列最新作,水谷的搭档反町隆史与他一样酷。这个系列一直长盛不衰。 第2位:《勇者义彦和被引导的七人》第三季13.3%   “我是勇者义彦的粉丝。”(妹子 21岁 大四)   “前两季都很有趣。”(妹子 19岁 大二)   “我想看这种低成本却高质量的日剧。”(妹子 20岁 大三)   “我喜欢看深夜日剧。”(男生 18岁 短大、专科)   由山田孝之主演,低成本却超级搞笑,被认为是游戏控必看的日剧。 第2位(并列):《Doctor-X》第四季13.3%   “我喜欢全体登场人物。”(男生 23岁 大四)   “我很喜欢这个系列,之前的都看过。”(男生 24岁 大四)   “每一季都让人看得很痛快。”(妹子 21岁 大四)   “我是学医的。”(男生 21岁 大三)   米仓凉子的口头禅“我是不会失败的。”非常有名,而且每一季的收视率都很高。 第4位:《别嫔小姐》6%   “‘桃色幸运草’成员百田夏菜子有参演这部剧。”(妹子 19岁 大二)   “现在的晨间剧都很好看,我对此充满期待。”(妹子 18岁 大一)   “我现在上的大学是主角的母校,片尾有放出我们大学学生的照片。”(妹子 21岁 大四)   “我只看晨间剧。”(妹子 22岁 大四)   日本群众都爱追晨间剧,每部剧的演员都会受到关注。 第5位:《彼岸岛Loveisover》第二季5.6%   “我喜欢《彼岸岛》。”(男生 19岁 大二)   “这部剧让我心动。”(妹子 24岁 研究生)   《彼岸岛》根据同名漫画改编,电影也受到很大关注。   [来源:腾讯动漫]相关的主题文章: