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HD: Fujian termination of typhoon emergency response   disaster relief will be extended to the National Day holiday, people.com.cn Channel HD: Fujian termination of typhoon emergency response   disaster relief will be extended to the National Day holiday, people.com.cn – channel       2016 & nbsp; 09 30 April 06:49 Germany County Rural highway reopened work site. Wu Yousen   people’s daily network Fuzhou September 30 (Wu Longzhong) seventeenth typhoon "catfish" has left Fujian at 29 o’clock on 2 days, into the territory of Jiangxi. Fujian Sheng Fangzhi decided in September 29th 8 to terminate the anti typhoon emergency response, while the storm emergency response to IV. At present, the forefront of disaster relief operations in the province has made great progress, but it is still tense. The typhoon residual effects of clouds, there are heavy rains in the coastal area of Fujian Province, local heavy rain. Fujian provincial meteorological station 20:24 on September 29th to continue to publish yellow rainstorm warning signal, is expected in the next 6 hours, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian, Fuzhou, Zhangzhou five city has more than 50 mm of rainfall, relevant departments should continue to prevent city waterlogging, flood, landslide and debris flow disaster grade. According to the traffic department of Fujian Province, as of 29, 19, Fujian province trunk highway due to strong storm rain blocked 50 sections of the road has been grabbed through 44, traffic interruption of villages and towns have all been seized. As of 29 May 9, Fujian Province, the fire department received a total of 250 police intelligence, police vehicles 276 times, 30 times, boat boat officers 1577 passengers, rescue and evacuation of 1387 people; according to the Fujian Provincial Water Conservancy Department statistics, Fuzhou, Ningde, Quanzhou, Putian, Xiamen, Zhangzhou and other places of various types of large and medium-sized reservoir flood stopped about 1 billion 200 million cubic meters of water, effectively reduce the losses of flood disaster. People throughout the province have also put themselves into emergency rescue operations to speed up the process of typhoon resistance. It is understood that there are still some sections of the landslide collapse, the disaster situation is serious, Dehua south town of some rural relief operations need to extend to the National Day holiday period is expected to complete. (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou) 高清:福建终止防台风应急响应 救灾抢险将延伸至国庆假日–福建频道–人民网 高清:福建终止防台风应急响应 救灾抢险将延伸至国庆假日 来源:人民网-福建频道    2016年09月30日06:49 德化县乡村公路抢通作业现场。吴有森 摄 人民网福州9月30日电(吴隆重)第17号台风“鲇鱼”已于29日2时离开福建进入江西境内。福建省防指决定9月29日8时终止防台风应急响应,同时将防暴雨应急响应调整为Ⅳ级。目前全省前线救灾行动取得较大进展,但仍在紧张继续中。 受台风残留云系影响,福建省沿海地区仍有暴雨,局部大暴雨。福建省气象台9月29日20时24分继续发布暴雨黄色预警信号,预计未来6小时,厦门、泉州、莆田、福州、漳州五市有50毫米以上强降水,个有关部门应继续防范城市内涝、山洪、滑坡、泥石流等次生灾害。 据福建省交通部门通报,截至29日19时,福建省干线公路因强风暴雨阻断通行的50处路段已抢通44处,交通中断的乡镇已经全部抢通。截至29日9时,福建省消防部门共接到警情250起,出动车辆276辆次,舟艇30艇次、官兵1577人次,营救疏散1387人;据福建省水利部门统计统计,福州、宁德、泉州、莆田、厦门、漳州等地各类大中型水库共拦蓄洪水约12亿立方米,有效减轻了洪灾损失。全省各地群众也纷纷投入抢险自救行动,加速了抗台风胜利的进程。据了解,目前仍有个别路段塌陷溜方灾情严重,德化南埕镇一些乡村的救灾行动须要延伸至国庆假日期间方有望完成。 (责编:陈楚楚、吴舟)相关的主题文章: