Healthy sexy bang bang da! Ten of the most lovely anime Brown mother-denka

Healthy sexy bang bang da! Ten of the most lovely cartoon animation are many brown Niang woman pinkey whitening set, as lovely as the porcelain doll. But brown mother represents the vitality, after the sun is more healthy and sexy, but rare resources in the two dimension. So, which one do you think is the most lovely? Would you like to go back home and have a good love? Japanese media: [ten] the most lovely brown Niang first: "Sapphire" mystery Nadia 451 votes "Sapphire puzzle" in 1999 to play TV animation, this adventure story is set in 1890s, full of fantasy and romance. Although it’s been 20 years since she left, actress Nadia is still so popular. Nadia grew up in the circus, motor developed. With a short blue hair, wearing a short skirt, the whole person looks fresh and light. Sapphire can communicate with animals. The production of this animation is the new century Gospel warrior production team, a lot of people are watching the "new century Gospel warrior" after the interest in this work, and therefore has the most extensive audience base. The second place: "Aladdin" Jasmine Princess 320 tickets "Aladdin" is a famous film of the princess, Princess Jasmine has beautiful eyes and black hair, the skin is brown. She is the princess of the kingdom of Agrabah, daughter of Sultan, love small animal friendly. According to the provisions of the kingdom of Agrabah, only the princess and the prince got married, in order to get rid of free royal life, she decided to run away. The princess in the way Aladdin encounter, and across numerous obstacles deeply attached to each other, after lovers. The tone is bright and happy ending, by a lot of sister’s vision. Third: "death exit · four yuan a night Maple world" 291 tickets a night is one of Ichigo’s master, with brown skin, usually with black cats like the show, don’t wear clothes, so the cat into human beings will become naked. But the night of the naked in front of others do not mind, it shows that she is a free and unrestrained character. As the first woman in four Maple house master, amazing strength. Even after 101 years of fighting, she also can not see the darkness, can easily bring down the enemy. Fourth: "KERORO Gunsou" bgor · Moore 165 votes in fifth: "Gundam" Lara · symplectic 147 votes sixth: "Bao Wang girl" 119 votes "Nemesis seventh: the spirit of" Yu food halberd Mito 116 votes in eighth: "the charm of projectile is broken" Asahi Chennai sunflower 76 votes ninth: "demon treasure dream" Alice tenth "girl: 69 votes and 66 votes miyayasu Ji revolution" click to download the Tencent animation APP, more popular animation works.相关的主题文章: